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August mamas!!

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The other thread was getting long, so I thought I'd start a new one. I hope y'all will join me!

Today at 4 PM I have my second prenatal appt. I'm a little nervous because we should get to hear the heartbeat again, which is very exciting! But also nerve-wracking...Especially since our loss in March (10 weeks; I apologize if I keep bringing this up, but it's on my mind alot).
So, send us all the positive thoughts you can muster! I really do think everything will be fine.
How's everyone doing?
I still feel pretty crappy, but it seems to be lessening.
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Well, I'll gladly hang my hat here. I'm due August 6th. Everyone asks,"so when are you due?" I just say, early August. Nobody likes that, but due dates are so silly. I had the worlds most accurate due date last time and I was 2 1/2 weeks over. Oh well. Can't buck all tradition.
Morning sickness is gone. But I still can't eat some things. Usually it's things I cook: My own meatloaf makes me gag. But I've got a fruit fetish that won't quit. Better than the fruity pebbles insanity I had last time.
I look six months pregnant every night when I go to bed, I wake up looking like I'm 6 weeks. I never know what to wear.
All in all I feel great. I thank God every day for this baby. We had to wait about a year for this one to come along, and I'm not taking one second of it for granted. Hope everyone else out there is doing well.
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Annais - Good luck with your appt today- very positive thoughts your way! I know how you feel, I m/c at 10 weeks in August and now here I am at 10 weeks and my first appt is on Friday to hear a healthy heartbeat (optimistic outlook). I am trying to be as positive as I can.

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Annais, we sort of got to hear the heartbeat on the 21st. It kept coming and going, but the midwife was very sure she heard it several times. Good enough for me! You're just a few days behind me so I'm sure you'll hear it thumping away in there!!! I hope your appointment brings big smiles and tears of joy to your face!

Luckymomma, our diets sound pretty similar at this point!!! Fruit and dairy products are the few things that have been pretty good throughout. I think I'm over the worst of it, but still have too many food aversions to make me feel "normal". I know what you mean about due dates. No one lets me get away with "mid August" except other moms!

My thoughts are with all of us! I'm so ready for the second trimester when we can all talk about feeling good and the excitement of feeling the baby grow!
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I relate to to the fears. I am now past 12 weeks so feel way better. I have had very little m/s this pregnancy. But cannot eat fish and chocolate and it is so hard to brush my tounge. And I hate prenatals.
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I was just coming to start this thread!

So, I'm feeling alright, but man, do I ever get a sore back easily!!
I was reading all your posts, and I"m feeling a little weird, cause I haven't even been for my first pre-natal yet, and some of you are going to your second!!!
My midwife was busy in December, I was away all of January, until now, and my midwife is now off sick for at least three months...hopefully that's it. So, I had to make an appointment at my doctor's, and the receptionist was being all snotty that I haven't been seen yet!!!
I feel that all is progressing well, I'm feeling healthy, the baby feels healthy...(I'm basing that on my body of course...), I look like I'm six months pg, so the baby is growing...
If I felt anything..I would go to the medical clinic, but I'm trying to stay away from that!
Luckymama, our firsts are really close in age eh? It's taken us a long while too!!!
Sending much energy your way Annais!!!
I can't believe we are entering the second trimester already...this pg is flying by so far!!!

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hi everyone!

I have a sixteen month old ds and I think I am between 8 - 10 wks pregnant - it is hard to know my due date, because I am still nursing and never had a period! I had my first prenatal last week and now I am going for an ultrasound this Friday. My doctor is worried about dates because my son was 3 wks early and we live in a small community with no NICU (nearest one is 3 hours away).
I have also started taking diclectin - it has really helped - I feel groggy for most of the day, but I am no longer throwing up. I hate the idea of being on something, but I was finding it impossible to look after ds when I was spending hours hanging over the toilet. Ahg.

With ds I exercised a lot - with this pregnancy, I just feel so tired. Have you (Mamasoleil, Annais, Sharon, Luckymomma, Kasmir, and everyone else!) been exercising? I would love to read your tips.

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I'm here too. A lot of the blah feeling is gone but some still remains. Tons of food aversions. I have been eating tons of fresh fruit (strawberries) and salads. I have had a taste for Ramen noodles as well.: I usually have a huge sweet tooth, but this babe has taken it away from me. Even my favorite peanut butter cups don't look good anymore. I guess it is not a bad thing, although I am sure that I have lost at least 15lbs already. I lost that much last time and when I went into labor I only weighed 2lbs more than when I conceived. That was a good feeling. Of course I put it all back on by the time dd was 8mos old.: I go back to the mw in a couple of weeks and hopefully we can hear the heartbeat.

Luckymomma, when ppl ask my due date I just say mid to late August. My EDD is the 17th but I am guessing the baby will arrive somewhere between the 25th and 30th.
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Hey Emma, I really don't "exercise", but I swear I'm never sitting down. I plan on walking once it gets a little warmer, but the one thing I do is squat on a regular basis. That and running up and down the stairs(bad memory, always have to make another trip) all day keeps me feeling healthy, not buff, but good. Which birth book was it that gave the story about athletes training for a competition using mental imagery and less actual training.....I think it was Sears. Anyway, the athletes who used the mental exercises surpassed those who physically trained harder.

O.k., maybe it's looking for excuses not to Jane Fonda, but if anything, it should help prepare for birth, and isn't that the only training needed for now?

Maybe this isn't the right thread, but just curious if any August mama's are going for a vbac.

Well, can't wait for that first kick. Glad my tummy's not all gas anymore. Second trimester is cool. Take care fellow mommys.
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I'm here as well.

Will hit 12w on Wednesday.... I have not had any significant m/s, however the babies have taken away my sweet tooth... I have been fine as long as I eat SOMETHING every 2-3 hours.

I haven't had an official prenatal visit yet either..... I had a followup appt on my fertility treatments, Dec 23 when I found out by u/s that I am having twins.... but I haven't met my new OB yet.... I go see him a week from today for the initial visit. I am eager to meet him -- I've met his nurse, she has been great about my loss of health insurance and set me up to do all the necessary bloodwork before my insurance ran out.

I am suppost to get another u/s at this upcoming appt. -- I am going to try and convince them to do less u/s than they are going to want to do (since i am pregnant with twins) but I do want this u/s next week... my DP and I have been doing lots of readings and are freaked out that we will experience the "vanishing twin" syndrome....

I just want to see those puppies asap to make sure they are both in there and kicking!!!!

I don't LOOK pregnant yet, but my clothes all fit differently (or not at all!!!). My DP says she can tell the difference, but I just feel FAT.
I went to the maternity store in the mall -- just to check it out. They had this really cool pillow to stuff in your clothes to "add three months" and that was really fun.... it lifted my spirits and let me hope that I won't look just fat this whole time.

We will be going on a mini-vacation tomorrow thorugh thurs to celebrate our 4 yr anniversary. It's great having teenagers in the house who are responsible to take care of themselves and the animals..... My DP will start the job search in earnest when we get back from our mini-trip.

Hope all is well....

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Those comments about losing your sweet tooth reminded me of my saddest pregnancy moment so far. I was at work one day and ran out of snacks. So I ran across the street to our little local market and grabbed an icecream bar...vanilla icecream dipped in chocolate with bits of Heath bar sprinkled in. I took one bite and had to peel off the chocolate because it was too rich!!!! I don't think I have EVER thrown out chocolate before! It was terrible! :

As for exercise. Does anyone really have the energy for it?! Yikes, I'm just dead half the day. When I'm up, I'm on my feet a lot, but as soon as I sit down, that's it. DH keeps saying that as soon as I get a little energy back, we're going to start doing daily walks and I plan on starting a prenatal yoga class....but I'm giving myself a few weeks.
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I am in the same boat with fatigue.... I am SO TIRED all the time.... Exercise for me these days is getting up the energy to go to work and then go back and forth from my desk to the bathroom every couple of hours..... sigh.

My DP keeps saying we need to walk every day and I just look at her and tell her she is crazy. I really hope that this second trimester energy kicks in soon. I know I need to walk -- And I do like once a week or so, but I just barely survive the weeks until I can rest up on weekends.

Actually, I guess it is slowly getting a little better.... I actually did some cleaning this past weekend and this evening. Maybe there is hope, afterall....

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Welcome back, mamasoleil!

I was wondering where you were, because I forgot that you were away. Silly me! It's so nice to hear from everyone!

Well, our appointment yesterday was great! We got to hear the baby's heartbeat; dh was there, so I think it's more real to him now. My blood pressure was a little high, but I think I was just so nervous. It's such a relief. We go back again in 4 weeks.

Every morning I keep thinking I should get up and walk the dogs with dh...but I end up staying in bed until the last possible minute. I think that the exercise could help my bp if it's tending to be on the high side. Maybe I'll go to bed earlier and take that walk. I'm also planning on starting prenatal yoga, but for some reason, I want to wait until I'm 12 weeks, which will be this Sunday.

I told my boss and her assistant today, and they both started crying. I thought that was so sweet...(they are both women! )

Good luck to everyone going to their appts soon! Hey, when officially does the second trimester start? At 13 weeks? 14 weeks? I'm a little confused.
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Hi, all! I'm barely an August mama (due 8/29, or 9/2!), but I'll jump in anyway!

Feeling tentatively relieved because I've just passed the point in the pregnancy when I miscarried back in October. I've been so terrified of this point, and a part of me still is (I'm really just a few days past the dreaded 9w2d mark), but I'm also realizing I'm breathing easier and allowing myself to believe things could be OK. Driving home last night, a lovely wave of joy about the pregnancy washed over me -- it was so nice. And until now, I've really held those feelings at bay, just not believing and feeling so wary.

Anyway, at nearly 10 weeks I'm still feeling pregnant, though it seems as though the nausea is getting a bit better (at least if I keep something in my stomach). Fatigue is huge, though. I don't have it in me to exercise yet, though I am trying to take the stairs at work, etc. I did both a prenatal exercise class and some prenatal yoga with my pregnancy with DS (he's now 30 months), and I plan on doing all that again -- it really felt good, and I met so many cool women, some of whom have remained really good friends, who also happen to have kids exactly the same age as mine. It's great fun.

Hope everyone else continues to do well -- I predict those sweet teeth will be returning with a vengeance!

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Seagan hang in there. And glad you are feeling pretty positive.

I think I asked this before. But I am really wanting to wean my toddler, he is 22 months. Anyone else hoping to do that before new babe arrives. I feel guilty but I know this is what I need and want. And I think I have done a good job so far. We just nurse first thing in the morning and before nap now. Don't know which one will go next. First thing is so sweet and before nap is a necessity it seems.
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Kaje I am also trying to wean my son - he is 16 months old. A couple of weeks ago he was down to 4 nursings a day, then he got sick... now he is better but nursing 8-10 times a day again. This might sound a bit melodramatic, but it is killing me. How did you get your little one down to just two nursings a day?


ps A freind of mine managed to stop the nursing at naptime by giving her daughter some cereal and then talked about how 'big girls' don't need milk before they sleep. Then she would rock her to sleep.
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Afraid I can't offer any tips, just commiseration. I'm supposedly weaning my 30-month-old son, but have wanted to do it so gently and gradually that it's kinda stalled out. He's down to one very short nursing session before bedtime (short only because I unlatch him; otherwise, he'd probably nurse to sleep, however long that might take) and sometimes in the very early AM. Oh, and before naps on weekends.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he'll be one of those 40% of nurslings who voluntarily wean in the 4th month or so of pregnancy, but considering how much I want him to do it, I should probably be doing something more than just limiting the length of his nursing sessions. But I just can't bring myself to do anything that doesn't feel comfortable for him, and he has been amazingly great about accepting that nursing will be very brief. I just don't get why that doesn't lead to a lack of interest altogether.

Anyway, we're basically following a "don't offer, don't refuse, keep it short, keep fingers crossed" approach, I guess. So much for advice!

Good luck to us all!
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Hello, joining the ranks!
I'm probably about 11 weeks pregnant. Feeling very tired, very moody, and overwhelmed by my active, nursing 15 month old daughter. Am hoping she'll wean as well during this pregnancy.
Sounds like I'm in the same boat as you Emma, I'd gotton her down to 4 nursings a day until she got sick recently! And now it's 4 nursings a night.
Another dilemma we're going through involves co-sleeping. We've been exclusively co'sleeping so far but now I'm feeling like I really want my space. Stuck between that feeling and feeling guilty about that feeling. And also just wanting to do whats best for all of us.
Is anyone else going through this?
Thanks, Corinna
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Heard the heartbeat!

Yeah! I had my first prenatal this morning with my midwife. We heard the heartbeat! I am 11 weeks Saturday. I think I can start to bond with this baby now that I know that he/she is ok thus far. After a loss this summer I was very anxious, but this is great news!
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Hi everyone,

I'm due Sept. 1st.

Finally have gotten of ms, but still get tired by 2:00 pm. My ds is almost 3 and for the past couple days hasn't been wanting to take a nap! That really does me in.

Also, this morning I really notice my tummy sticking out. Anybody else around 9 weeks and showing? My last pregnancy I started showing at 12.

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