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Well first of all I night weaned when he was 16 months. I went to my yearly exam and asked my doctor if she was worried about me getting pregnant at 40 and being heavyset.

In the visit I was also talking about sleep deprivation. In that discussion I even cried a bit.

Anyway, she said I am not worried about your age or your weight. I am worried about your emotional health. You need to get more sleep.

So we night weaned which was glorious. I am very happy about that. Anyway daddy slept with him for about a month and I slept in a different room. He would come to me sometimes at 3, sometimes at 5 and eventually slept through the night which he now does. And then daddy gets him ready for bed, brush teeth, lots of books and he would fall asleep to stories. Now I can even be in there laying next to him and help read etc. and he will fall asleep. I always wear a shirt though.

My friend also taught me the counting thing when I was working on the after the nap weaning. And that worked. I will say okay we will have milk for three and I would count. If he asks for mamma's milk at anytime besides first thing in the morning or before nap. I offer juice, cow milk, water etc....and that often works. He loves cow milk, we buy organic. Anyway the next weaning I will work on is before nap and do the book thing etc...

I love our morning nurse. It is so sweet and so long. I say I want to give it up but I will miss it. I am going to wait at least till he is 2 in March. I know people do drop baby off at grandmas for the weekend or even put tabasco on their breasts. I could never do the second. But.....in May if he is still nursing, daddy might take him for a weekend to stay with gramma and grampa. I want daddy to be there with him cuz he is comforted very much by daddy. Is that mean?
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I went for an early ultrasound yesterday! It was exciting - I got to see the heart beating and found out I am 8 weeks pregnant due September 10.

I have kind of given up on weaning at the moment. I am feeling so rough I just don't have enough stamina. I am hoping, fingers crossed, that Mac will just wean himself.... (I think I am dreaming though). Otherwise I will do in second trimester when I am feeling a bit better.

Ma-Corinna we also cosleep and I don't know what we are going to do.... I am hoping that before baby comes, Mac will be able to sleep by himself. At the moment, Mac and I cosleep on a futon in his room - DH is in our old room... I miss sleeping with my husband, but I know that Mac needs me... It is a real dilemna, because I just know that I won't be able to sleep with both babies...

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emma glad your visit went well
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Thanks Kaje62!
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Hello friends!
I need some reassurance...
Today I went to Whole Foods to buy some more prenatal vitamins. So I looked at the ones I had at home, and they said I should be taking 6/day!! Ah! I thought I was fine taking one, I didn't read the fine print. Now I'm a little freaked out. Needless to say I bought a new one that I only need to take 1/day.
I know that some women with bad morning sickness can't even stomach a prenatal...and I've been able to eat pretty well. And my SIL was pregnant for 14 weeks before she found out, and obviously wasn't taking prenatals. I realize there's not much I can do about it now, so I'm trying not to worry, but...I can't help it.
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annais what brand?

Cuz mine say 6 to but my naturopath told me the first trimester to take 2, 2nd trimester 4 and third 6.

you are fine. do you eat a lot of fruits and veggies and iron?
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Thanks, Kathy-jo....
They are Rainbow Light vitamins; their vitamins and minerals are supposed to be from food sources, not synthetic. I've been eating alot a fruit and a fair amount of veggies.
I'm glad your naturopath told you that, I feel better! Even if they aren't the same brand, maybe they are the same distribution of vitamins, etc. They must be somewhat similar, I'm guessing?
I just kinda feel like an idiot!
Thanks again
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you are welcome. mine are sold at whole foods and they are, Vita Natal by Ecletic Institute.

I went to my prenatal today. The visit was much better but just as emotional. At the beginning of the visit, the midwife asked how I feel etc...And I said fine but I had a very disturbing visit the last time I was in. I asked if there were any notes and she looked at my chart very quickly and said, there is something about having trouble finding the heartbeat. And then she said, "Oh you are the one who had all the ultrasounds and I said yes." I looked at her and said, "Do you know how to do an ultrasound?" And she said, "No, midwifes are not really trained in ultrasound." So I said, "Well my husband questioned whether Lisa knew what she was doing" And then I told her the whole story and by the end of it I was crying. And then she said, "Kathy a visit like that would be hard for anyone but I am sure even harder for someone like you who lost a baby. You know when you asked how many children I have?" And I said three at home. Well the reason I said that is because, and I interrupted her and said, "you have one in heaven." She said, "yes my son Issac needed surgery at 6 months for his kidney and it was a routine surgery and he bled to death." Well then I really was crying. But it was a good crying if you know what I am saying, I felt really connected to her etc. And then I asked her if I needed to tell anyone else my story. And she said I think you should call the office manager. And then I said, "Well does Lisa know she made a mistake, a big mistake. I know she was trying to help doing the ultrasounds but it was really traumatic for me." She said, "Actually Kathy, we had a team meeting about your visit and the office manager concluded that no midwife should ever ever give an ultrasound." So then I said, "Well maybe I don't need to call." And then she said, "I think she needs to hear your story." So now I have to decide what to do. I don't want to make a bunch of trouble for Lisa cuz a couple of my friends think the world of her but I need to think about this. Maybe I should just have a heart to heart with Lisa. Cuz I am not just struggling with the ultrasounds. I am struggling with things she said like, "I don't think your pregnancy is viable." and "We need to be eternally grateful to Dr. Sari for squeezing you into her busy schedule and doing an ultrasound for you today." Those comments are bothering me more than her inability to do an ultrasound. This all just brings up how vulnerable I felt. Anyway the more I see the midwives the more I lean towards a VBAC. I am having a consultation with an OB in four weeks for that.
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Hey Kathy-jo,
I hope you don't mind me butting in with my 2 cents...
I think you should tell the office manager. What happened to you was horrible, and I think if you talked about it with her, it might save someone else from going through the same stress and worry. I know you don't want to get Lisa in trouble, and you can tell the om nicely without berating Lisa, but obviously what she did was wrong and she needs to know that she can't do it again. And they need to know how horrible it was for you to go through that, kwim?

I know it's a tough decision...good luck.
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annais, i appreciate your honesty and i asked for feedback so thank you.
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(((((((Kathy Jo)))))))
I am so glad your last visit was better. I would tell the OM too. I think they need to hear about it to try to avoid it happening again to you or anybody else in the future. I am so happy to hear things are going better for you.

I am bummed today though. I have finally past most of the morning sickness, and now I have Mastitis. Aaaaggghhhhh! I just started taking my Lecithen and Vitamin C so hopefully I can get rid of it without antibiotics. I hate taking anything at all when I am pg.

Also, does anyone else feel overfull everytime they eat? I ate a bagel with cream cheese at about 9:30 and felt fine. Then I ate an apple with peanut butter at about 1:30. About a half hour later, I felt extremely full and bloated. I don't think eating so little should make me feel so full. I have also had very loose bm's for about 5 days. I got on a real salad kick last week and was eating at least 2 a day so I figured that is what caused it. But now, even when I haven't eaten any, I still have diarrhea.

Boy isn't this pg thing fun? LOL
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thanks all.

and so sorry about the mastitis.

I am either starving or full.
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I just had my first visit with my homebirth midwife.
I used her for my last pregnancy but I was unable to deliver at home. I really really want to give birth at home this time. My daughters birth was very traumatic for her and I don't want my next child to have to go through that.
So it was good to see my midwife again and get the ball rolling. She briefly heard the heartbeat but I didn't. Which was perfect because I was hoping to feel the baby myself before I heard the heartbeat. But was glad that she heard it.

Nasea is somewhat subsiding but I don't feel like eating anything. And if I do I don't feel like making it. Trying to eat healthy..... some greens every day...or at least a few times a week.... or at least more greens than ice cream. I can usually stomach ice cream.

I have been very tired, thats the hardest thing. My 16 month old is getting molars and we haven't had a good nights sleep in weeks. Night weaning is not going to happen right now, I think nursing makes her mouth feel better. So I'm nursing her for a limited time when she needs to at night then on to daddys chest to sometimes fall asleep, sometimes stay awake for a few hours.
We are mostly only nursing before sleeping or in bed. When she's feeling better I hope to work on some alternative bedtime routines. But I'm not quite sure how to do it. Kage62 the way you night weaned sounds like a good way to try if my husband would be into that.
I feel like it would be way too hard too ,Emma, to sleep with two babies. But I might feel differently if I wasn't nursing them both. My feelings are very mixed on the whole thing. I'm hoping to have Eden weaned before the new baby comes. so I'm going to work towards that but if it's too hard for her to give up right now, and too hard for me to try and make her, then we'll just nightwean and set limits on nursing. We'll see I guess.
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Hi there, everyone! I just had my first official appointment with my midwife, too, and am overjoyed to report that we heard that wonderful heartbeat ticking away! Music to my ears, I burst into tears as soon as that boom-boom-boom-boom came through. Even after I had passed the dreaded 9-week mark (the point of my miscarriage in the fall), I found I really wasn't that much more relaxed. But hearing that little ticker, and hearing from my midwife again just how important a milestone it is in terms of risk of miscarriage, has really made a difference.

Combine that with nausea diminishing and energy returning a bit -- I'm a new woman!

The only thing that came up at the appointment was my midwife thought my uterus felt small for how long ago my dates suggest, so she ordered an ultrasound for tomorrow morning. She reassured me that it wasn't a problem, but that she just wants to be as sure as we can get about dates, particularly given my history of preterm labor (or so it was called with my pregnancy with DS, even though I ended up going to full term with him, so likely they were just a hell of a lot of Braxton Hicks) and because my last period came later than usual because of the miscarriage. Anyway, it's making me a little nervous, despite my midwife's repeated reassurances that it's really just about the dates thing and the fact that she can only feel so much of the uterus manually.

I have a feeling this is going to be a fairly anxious pregnancy for me, at least in these early months -- too much knowledge now about the potential for loss.

Hope everyone else is doing well -- I'm so grateful to have such a group for this journey!

#1 DS 30 months, #2 edd (for now) 8.29.03
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oh I am so happy for you seagan. Hang in there. I am sure all is well.

i am not sure if i gave you this link but we have a thread with twin city pregnant mamas.

come and post.
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Yay Seagan!
I'm sure everything will be absolutely fine with your u/s tomorrow, but I understand that worry, I worry non-stop! (But I'm trying to take it easy..)
Let us know how everything goes!
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where is everyone?
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Hi everyone...

I'm a relative newcomer to Mothering.com, pg with my 2nd wonderful baby, EDD 8/15.

I'm finally getting out of the m/s and fatigue - yahoo! What a relief. I've been eating fairly well, but I'm with ya on the lack of exercise. DS doesn't like our gym's nursery, and by the time DH gets home, I'm just too tired out to actually go and exercise. I'm trying to figure out some other ways to work it in. Now that the fatigue is lessening, hopefully I will get a second wind.

I'm also trying to wean DS, who will be 2 in just two weeks! We nurse 3x per day, first thing in the a.m., before nap, and after dinner right before bedtime. Distraction doesn't seem to work too well with him, so I'm not sure how to proceed. It was *really* painful in the beginning but now it is less so, thankfully. I am also hoping that as my milk decreases and changes, he will be less interested. Maybe I'll try the counting to shorten the sessions first, and then work on eliminating them one at a time.

Hope everyone is feeling great!
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This has been the best week so far! I feel GOOD. I'm finally able to eat well (and often!!!). And my tummy is starting to pop out! I can't tell you how many times per day I pull up my shirt and look in the mirror! (about as often as I pee!) It's so fun to see that the baby really is growing!

I just called about childbirth classes and think we've decided on Birthing From Within. YAY I'm so excited...eventhough the classes don't start until June! I have skimmed the book and really liked it. I was sure that DH wouldn't want to since it seems pretty artsy and touchy-feely, but he sounds excited too! I figure if he can get through 8 weeks of getting in touch with his feelings, he can do anything!! He's been SO wonderful. I love him so much for being such a supportive husband and excited father to be!
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Yay Sharon!
It's so nice to be able to look at food again (well, most of the time), and not feel like you need to run to the bathroom!

I had a dream last night: we had a beautiful baby boy, but I didn't have time to take all those classes, so I didn't know how to breastfeed or anything and it was just dh and I, and we didn't know what to do with him! Panic!
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