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I finally can join the club officially!

I'm 12 weeks, and hesitant to post anything till I see the doc. Well, I did this morning, so I guess now I;m in the club officially!

I'm planning a homebirth, but will see an OB on the side for the first 6 months, just so bloodwork and ultrasound will be covered by insurance. I'm really excited abt the homebirth, and keeping my fingers crossed it will go well!! #1 was an attempt at the birthing center, but I had to transfer to hospital to be put on pitocin coz the contractions were not strong enough.

Morning sickness seems to be subsiding, dd is also still bf'ing, less now, but she STILL wants it! I thot of weaning but dec'd it was too much agony and dec'd to let Nature run its course.

Here's some prominent thots of mine the last weeks, please share yours!--

REVEALING THE NEWS TO DH- I placed the pregnancy test stick next to his dinner plate.

CONCERNS- health of the baby, having the energy for two kids, finances, since we will pay for hb out of our shallow pockets

HOPES- healthy baby of course, and a wonderful homebirth, and smooth transition for our family, as well, as peace on earth. No war, please!!!

CRAVINGS- urgh, a lot!! I wanted spicy stuff, and home food that I can't find here, ~sob.

i had lots more in my head but as I start to type, I can;t remember them- pregnancy brain!!

I hope all goes well for everyone, take care!!
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Wow! It is so great to hear that many of us are coming out of the m/s funk! I am now almost 13 weeks and feeling SOOOO much better. I am very very glad to be coming into the second trimester!

This is a tricky time though because nothing fits! My pre-preg. pants are too tight and maternity clothes still swallow me. For now, I am living in drawstring pants.

Hope everyone is feeling better.
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My m/s started at 13 weeks. Why am I always so lucky? The only good thing is it is infrequent.
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Hi! Just joining in here...I'm due with my first in mid August (August 12, officially, for what it's worth). I think I'm about done with morning sickness, thankfully, though any food with too much salt in it doesn't stay down at all, still. And the only thing I've been craving is grapefruit. I have at least two a day. I'm glad I'm pregnant when they're in season, at least!
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I just found out my dates were right! I'm now 15 wks, so happy! I also finally found a midwife! Nice to be feeling a little more sure and secure that my vision will be realized!!!
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I just had my second midwife visit today. I'm 16 weeks, and I gained 10 lbs in the past 4 weeks. Holy cow. It must all be in my bra. It's all good weight, because I've never given those crispy creme donuts at the grocery store a second look. I've also talked to an awesome doula who I really believe will help me achieve my vbac. Just talking to her was an emotional release. Someone who really believes I can do it, my husband isn't so convinced. Anyone else not see quite eye to eye with their significant others? Anyone else gained 10 lbs in a month?
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Luckymomma, I gained TWELVE pounds in January, and then I stopped counting (I'm 15 weeks now). I've been eating pretty healthily too (um, except for ice cream...but I need calcium, right?), and my weight seems to be all belly, so I'm just assuming I have a very hungry baby.
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Phew! It's good to know you're not alone. Hey, if it's all good weight, no problem right? My sil ended up weighing less at the end of her pregnancy than what she started with. That sure is nothing to be proud of. She had a crummy placenta and a <5lb baby too, so I say eat the veges and the ice cream. Ever had blue bunny 'cookies and cream'. Quite yummy, but it does have the partially hydrogenated crap in it from the cookies, so it's not the best snack, but I need to use it up, right? Happy gaining all!
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I've never heard of blue bunny ice cream...where's it from?

That's too bad about your SIL...I can't imagine having that happen. Hope the baby's ok now. Right now I'm just surfing around for more maternity clothes, since it seems I'll need them sooner than I thought, what with all this weight gain. Oldnavy.com is having a good sale right now, fyi. I have some pants with that giant panel, but I've decided to go searching for ones that don't have that panel, since I'm not much of a "big shirt" person, and none of my shirts cover the panel.
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Hmm. Must be a midwestern thing. Probably a good thing. It is addicting. I'm going to head over to old navy right now. Thanks.
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I lost weight with my babe too and he weighed 9.15 and he is healthy.

So far I have lost 2 lbs this time around and am 15 pounds. And I don't eat Blue Bunny I eat Organic Mom's Molasses Chocolate Chip, another midwestern thing.

Often large women lose weight and it does not mean we are unhealthy.

Anyone else have a dry nose. I can't stand it.
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Don't get me wrong, my sil wasn't overweight. She was maybe 155 or 160 lbs when she started, and she ended the pregnancy weighing 145. None of us could really tell she was pregnant at the end unless she was standing sideways, evn then it wasn't obvious. It was bizzare. Of course, I gained 40 pounds and it showed for miles around. I just believe in doing what we know is right. Some women get too caught up in the weight thing. I could tell at my appointment the nurse was extra sure to point out last months weight and this months weight. Geez, like I'm going to start drinking slimfast or something. :
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I agree, Luckymomma, that our bodies are probably just doing what they know is right. I think you could lose weight or gain weight and everything is healthy and fine, the same way that you could lose weight or gain weight, and it's not the best thing. But anyway, I agree about not getting too hung up on it.

Kaje, I don't have a dry nose, I have exactly the opposite problem! My nose runs constantly. I had a cold in early December, right after I found out I was pregnant, and it's like it never went away. I probably sneeze three or four times a day, and blow my nose all the time.
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Greetings, fellow Mamas-to-be! I'm all for eating what feels right during pregnancy, and for me the past couple of weeks that's meant quite a lot! Particularly cold meat and clementines, for some reason, yum. I gained 60 pounds with my pregnancy with DS (he was only 9.2 pounds of that!), and thanks to breastfeeding went right back to down to pre-pregnancy weight within a few months. So I'm feeling OK about gaining another ton this time around...

I'm nearly 13 weeks along now and feeling pretty good, physically and emotionally. Our ultrasound on the 6th showed the baby at exactly the point my dates suggested, and lookin' good! I was upset that the ultrasound gal took so long doing her thing, though; she was new to that machine and by the end of it (maybe 10 minutes?), the baby was really squirming, I thought. Ugh. I've gradually coming to peace with it (what's done is done, etc.), but still. Next midwife appt. I'm going to ask her to use the fetoscope as soon as she can, the less Doppler the better from here on.

I'm all revved up today because I've now made it official here at work! I told my boss today, and he took it OK, and seems ready to be flexible about when/how I come back to work. I was surprised b/c he said he had wondered if I was pregnant, that I seemed more contemplative and worried than usual, and he chalked that up to being pregnant again and worrying about another miscarriage (I had told him about the last one). Way more perceptive than I have ever given him credit for -- or perhaps I'm just way more obvious in what I'm feeling than I've realized!

My weird symptom these days: when I get up from a sitting position, I feel all weighted down and sore in my pelvis, like I'm already 8 months pregnant or something! I called my midwife about it yesterday, and she said that's a common feeling at this point in the pregnancy, when the uterus hasn't quite risen out of the pelvic cavity and is putting pressure on those ligaments, bone, etc., and everything is loosening up in there. Or I think that's what she meant! Anyway, it calmed my fears that I was destined for crazy pelvic/SI pain the entire pregnancy; I'm convinced I put something out of whack in having DS.

Whew, sorry for the long, rambling post! I hope everybody else is doing well, and I'm glad we've got each other!
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Trust me I eat whatever I want and eat what I should and I still lose weight. And I do hate it when women are obsessed with their bodies especially while pregnant or nursing.

Can I say last week I thought I was gonna puke at the thought of mac n cheese and right now I would kill for it.
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I had my 3rd midwife appointment today and we heard the heartbeat loud and clear!! She said it was beating in the 150's...anyone know the boy/girl ranges? I'm 15 weeks along and feeling GREAT. These past two weeks have definitely been wonderful. (Before that, I had miserable morning sickness.) I feel so much more like my normal self...just eating lots (nice change from puking lots) and getting rounder! I haven't had any consistent cravings, but I did discover a new favorite mid-day snack - fig bars. I ate them all the time as a kid and haven't had any for a couple years. Yummy! Like most of you, I'm just eating what and when I want...trying to stay as healthy and organic as possible, but funny how that bag of M&M's made it into the shopping cart yesterday!

Funny story... I was talking to a friend of mine today and he was getting ready to go out for a run. He's decided to do a triathlon this summer. No sooner did he ask if I'd be interested, then he burst out laughing and said, "oh forget it! I can just see you running and biking with a HUGE belly!" I must say, it was a funny image!
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Congrats on hearing the heartbeat loud and clear, Sharon!

Wish I was feeling better...I'm due the day before you, and while I'm not throwing up with quite the frequency I was last month, it's still at least once a week. Sigh. Is this happening to anyone else?
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I am feeling sad. He did not nurse this morning. That is our favorite time. He usually nurses 20 - 45 minutes every morning. I get up about an hour or more before him and he comes down and says, "hi Mama." and jumps up on my lap and we nurse and nurse. But today, he was poopy so we went and changed him first and then I got busy making hot cereal and then he helped me unload the dishwasher and now he is eating contently and chatting with me. And I feel sad. I know if I want to wean I am not to offer but WAH!!!!!! It is hard.

Sharon congrats on the heartbeat. And have you checked out sundrops, they are like mm's at most co-ops and whole foods.
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JulieF, I bet the end is in sight for you. I spent 6 weeks throwing up every day (sometimes more than once or twice!). Then I had about two weeks of throwing up every couple days. I almost felt like that was the hardest time because I'd think I was getting better and then boom, it would be bad again. That was a BAD emotional roller coaster time! But it's been two weeks since I last threw up so now I'm really convinced it's over. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! It's hard when people say it's getting better because you probably still feel kinda rotten. Hang in there!

Kaje62, I've never nursed before, but I'm desperately looking forward to it! I hate it when a schedule changes and you feel like your day just isn't complete! Hopefully you'll get some good cuddle time today instead!

Happy eating and growing to all of us!
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I just went to my first prenatal yoga class yesterday and it was great. It felt so good to be doing something physical again after weeks and weeks of feeling like a big blob on the couch! We did lots of squatting and strengthening poses that I hope are going to help better prepare me for labor. Last time I know part of my problem was that I had not built up my strength enough. It was also great to be in that wonderful energy of a room full of pregnant women. The whole experience was very energizing and calming at the same time. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested if you have a class in your area.
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