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weaning 6 mos old to crib part-time

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does anyone have any experience with weaning a 6 mos old from co-sleeping to crib so that he can sleep in crib SOME of the time? My dh is getting sad about the loss of intimacy in our bed, and I thought, well, if DS can sleep in his crib some of the time, that would be a help. Is this possible even?

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I don't have any first-hand experience myself, but from reading Pantley's No-Cry Sleep Solution and from other threads here, I think a lot of parents put their baby into the crib when s/he first goes to sleep and then bring baby back to bed with them when s/he wakes up (hopefully after a long enough interval for some adult bonding time!)

I don't think anything has to be all or nothing, try it and see what works for your family.
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We did a gazillion different sleeping arrangements, and are currently on number gazillion and one with our 2.5 year old. At a certain point, ds was sleeping in the crib for the first part of the night and joining us at around 1 am. He started out in a bassinet, though, and first became a co-sleeper at around 4 months of age. Then, at maybe 10 months, we started putting him to bed in the crib, for him to join us afterward. Eventually, he started sleeping through the night in the crib, but that was short lived (maybe just a month or so). Now, he and my dh co-sleep in a bed in ds's room. So, all sorts of arrangements. I'd say try the crib thing, but go with the flow of your babe. The crib may be fine for a while but may lose its appeal eventually, so don't be surprised if you go through many different night time configurations!
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You just put my heart at ease. Thank you. I will remember your words when I'm doubting our sleeping arrangements... "go with the flow of your babe". That is the truth about babies, and life as well. Roll with it and enjoy. Our dd sleeps in bed with us now and we both love it. I love to look at her little sleeping face as I go to sleep and my dh and I wake up happy every morning as dd starts her daily songs. I admit, I would like a little more sleep... and hope eventually that she moves out to the co-sleeper and then to her crib.. but we'll work with whatever seems to do the trick. that'll be my mantra "go with the flow".
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Hi, We do part time crib here. DD naps in her crib and goes to sleep around 7:00 in her crib. When she awakes at night we bring her into bed for the duration. We worked on getting her to go to sleep in her crib very gradually. The main thing that helped was a bedtime ritual. We do the same thing everynight and eventually she just started pointed to the crib when she was done nursing.
My husband and I enjoy our time alone after she is alseep and we also enjoy waking up with her. Although, we do wish it was later than 6:30 am!!
Good luck with whatever works for you!
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