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Hormones RAGING. . .anyone else?

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I hate everything today! I can't stand my kids; the dogs, my pigsty of a house. My back hurts too badly to do any cleaning. I want someone to take my kids out of the house, and someone else to clean it while I take a bath & nap. . .
Anyone w/ me (I'm 37 wks.)?
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Mmm hmmm. See here

and other posts on that thread!!
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Yah it's been rough around here. I've been having to read parenting books to remind myself how to be a good mother and that kids are people too. Poor family. Just a few minutes ago I was thinking, "I can't wait to get a divorce!" for no good reason other than dh got a phone call right after he got home. Oh yeah and he talked to the person for a couple minutes. I don't remember feeling like this with my last pg, and I really hope it doesn't last. I guess I can wish us all luck getting through the last few weeks. May we all have easy labors, happy babies, a lot more sleep.
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I will be the first to admit that I have been an absolute first class A1 beeyotch for the past week or two. The worst part is that I know I'm acting this way, but I can't STOP acting this way! Poor dh caught the worst of it Wednesday afternoon. The kids were making me crazy (because they were acting like any normal 2 and 4 yo), the house was a total disaster, repairmen weren't showing up, the vacuum broke - again! - the list goes on and on. I was mad at dh because he was supposed to build a dresser for the baby and a big girl bed for dd3 - neither of which has been started - and I completely lost it. I ranted and raved and cried and screamed - dh took yesterday and today off work to help clean up the house (which looks amazing right now) and spend time with me and the kids, and hopefully we will go get wood for the dresser and bed tonight so we can get that started.

My mood swings this time have been HORRENDOUS!!! I go from happy and playing to total witch in about 2.2 seconds! Hopefully these hormones level out after Sprout gets here because I'm sick of acting this way!
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I hear ya on the moodiness thing. Today when my dh got home, he said to my dd, "I sure wish mommy would be in a good mood for once." In all fairness, I have been very grumpy lately although physically I feel ok. I'm just moody. And that's not apt to improve anytime soon after the baby gets here either. *sigh*
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Um ya. I am the biggest b%$#@ ever. This morning I was lying in bed totally pissed off because the dogs colar kept jingling and was driving me crazy...
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yes, me too. yesterday i thought i would have a fit when i came in the door with hands full and dropped some mail on the floor---picked it up, then dropped the rest. Grrrrrr....
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I think I've been extra nice lately. Since November my moodiness has calmed. It's kind of nice.
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Seens like I have two settings - I'm either happy/lovey/energetic or moody/pissed off/exhausted. I guess in reality there's lots of in-between, but the highs and lows are crazy exaggerated and I can't predict which Carol is going show up at a given moment! My DH just has to do one thing wrong and for the rest of the night I can't stand even hearing him breathe. Oh well, I would feel sorry for him...if he never did anything wrong and weren't so bloody freakin' annoying!

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I do most of my brooding at night, when I'm laying awake and can't sleep. I think it's partly what keeps me awake - I start thinking about things that have ticked me off, and they seem SO much worse at night, so I start getting really upset. Then in the morning I realize none of it is a big deal at all! At least I'm doing this at night, if I was getting angry through the day I would surely be taking things out on DP for no good reason. Often going over about what I was so mad about the night before makes me more appreciative of how wonderful he is - if that makes any sense!

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Your posts made me laugh and cry at the same time! It is so good to know that I am not alone. I have never been this crabby in my ENTIRE life. I can't sleep at night, worrying about money, and during the day I walk around like a bomb about to explode. Dh just can't do ANYTHING right. And he is acting like superman. I don't even know how much would be enough...I don't think it's possible.
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I am laughing at all these posts cuz I am due in Feb. too and feel the same roller coaster of general pissedoffedness and disgust and the stupidist stuff. Right now I would like for my animals to dissapear (and i supposedly love animals! LOL) Anyone else not like pets during pregnancy? I felt this way with my last two pregancies. I can't sleep worth a crap either and feel like I have been run over by a truck most of the time. My two DDs fight a lot over dumb stuff and it gets on my frayed nerves sometimes. Blah blah blah....
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Originally Posted by EllasMama
My DH just has to do one thing wrong and for the rest of the night I can't stand even hearing him breathe. Oh well, I would feel sorry for him...if he never did anything wrong and weren't so bloody freakin' annoying!


OMG this is totally me Since I'm on bedrest, I get to brood about everything ALL DAY LONG. :
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I have been really moody today. Anything that anyone said or did, made me so mad, I just didn't want to be bothered. The funny thing is, is that my 2 year old was the only one that didn't bother me. He was actually comforting.
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I agree with the mama who said she is either zen lovey dovey or total b--ch. Yesterday dh was kind enough to take ds out for the morning for daddy and Daniel time so I could get some rest (I've had a really bad headcold/bronchitis for 2 weeks). Then when they got home I went to say hi.

Our son's been so grumpy with transitions lately. When dh gets home from work, Daniel doesn't want to say hi, tells my husband to go away (ds is 32 months). And vice versa.

So yesterday when I went down to say hi, my son says, "I don't like you. I'm with daddy right now. Go back upstairs." I was so angry and hurt.

I left the room before I could lose it and say something mean, like, "I'm the one who cares for you 90% of the time, you ungrateful grump!"

Ds is still in a hitting phase occasionally and when he hits me it drives me berserk! Especially with hormones. I do timeouts, more for myself than for him.
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I'm also in the same boat! Laughing/crying as I read these. Just this morning I asked my husband what crabby was doing (That was supposed to be my 2.5 year old) and he said "she's not crabby, but you sure are" I totally barked at him because I'm so exhausted! Between my dog getting up randomly through the night 'just to walk around the house' (so I hear the tick,tick,tick of his claws on the hardwood floor), to my husband's freaking snoring, to the 2 1/2 hours it's been taking to get my DD to sleep and then she wakes up crying "No, No" or some other such nonsense and my having to pee I don't get more than 1 hour uninterrupted sleep at night. Added to my general peevedness is that dd has decided that she needs to nurse all the dang time. I'm so over that. I don't know if that is her reaction to the impending disaster or what by the girls can't take much more of this!...................

Did I mention I hate work right now too.....

Peaceful thoughts to us all.

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Thank you ladies! It does help to know you're not alone! This has by FAR been my grumpiest pg. I chalk it up to being sleep deprived already when I concevied. How can you go into a deficit already at a deficit?! I empathize w/ the mama who said, "It's not likely to get any better any time soon." I SOOOO feel that way too.

Good luck to us all!!!
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