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We have a scrotum!

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Well, the baby does, anyhow. My OB said she wasn't going to guarantee anything because she's not an ultrasound tech, but I couldn't have asked for a nicer view. I asked if it could be the cord, and she said, "No, you can see the blood vessels." Assuming the baby is equipped with one of the standard gender packages, it's pretty definitely a boy
I don't have to buy clothes!
The diapers are all the right colors!
Bunk beds!
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Yay!!! Team Blue is most definitely in the lead. :

I love your thread title, btw!
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Bunk beds!
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Bunk beds!
yes! someday!
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Congrats, mama!! Boys are so much fun!!
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LOL Congrats!
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congrats mama!! bunk beds are in our future for the 2 older girls too!

love the title by the way!! LOL!
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