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It hurts!

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I know there are some of you who haven't felt movement yet, but I am in the camp of those who have, and I am not exactly thrilled.

I know I should not be taking it for granted, that being able to feel all these kicks and turns and flips and punches is special, but...


I mean, seriously, this baby never stops. I feel like someone is bruising me from the inside. And this baby is picky. I can only sit or lie down in a few choice positions or I start getting jabbed.

A couple of times, I have gotten kicked right in the bladder and, well, lost it. Other times, I get whomped in the stomach and I just about lose my lunch.

If I remember correctly from the last two pregnancies, as the babe gets bigger, the movements will get smaller. I'm hoping this baby will calm down a bit soon. But for now I am tired and getting very cranky about all this motion.

Thanks for letting me vent!
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How many weeks are you? Just curious.

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Um, hm... 19 wks today, I think. I'm due June 10.

I have always felt movement early, around 14 weeks, I think because I am so small. I am only 4'9" and (pre-pregnancy) around 95lbs. So there isnt a lot of room in there. My first babe was born at 7lbs 11oz, and my second at 8lbs even.

Ugh, I shouldn't be irked, but it really is uncomfortable. Especially when it goes on all day. Luckily, the baby has been pretty quiet today. I could almost forget I am pregnant
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I had a very active baby and remember having pain from kicking and poking, but for me it wasn't until later that it started hurting, like around 6-8 months. Then he often kicked me in the bladder. He was breech, too, so that makes sense.

You must have a strong one, since they're only about 5" long right now!!
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Iam 19 weeks and get kicked and pinched scratched etc... but Iam glad it means the baby is doing good.
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OK, I can't believe I'm about to admit this, on Mothering of all places, but with DS I was always creeped out when I felt him moving. :

I mean, I was always glad cause I knew it meant he was doing well, but I could never get the whole "Alien" thing out of my mind. Stupid Hollywood...

I'm wondering if I'll feel differently this time, or if I'll still get the heebie jeebies.
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With my first I was terrified of feeling movement and when I told my mw she was shocked. I felt bad admiting it too. The movement doesn't bother me so much now as just having this part of my belly sticking out that isn't really part of me at all! And, its always in my way!

Lately, the babe has had this thing with springing off my cervix and knocking his head into the top of my uterus. Like the way you might launch off the side of the pool when you're learning to swim. He does it over and over as if he really thinks he can break through and have more room. At least he hasn't figure out which way really is out yet.

DD was always scaratching at my cervix (OUCH) and she'd rub her feet up under my ribs until I'd bruise from the inside. Yeah, that hurt.

Its amazing your baby is so strong so early though, he must be a healthy one! I don't have any suggestions, except maybe practice surrender and relaxation through it and use it to prepare for labor??
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I know what ya'll mean about the alien reference! Last night, DH and I watched the baby kicking. We could actually see my belly bounce, it was totally weird. I mean, I am happy and all that, but when I think about it too much, it creeps me out.

As for the kicking and bruising, I must just be really sensitive. Plus, I tend to have big babies, so maybe it is also just that the baby is already measuring big and so is stronger than usual.

Maybe I'm drinking too much caffeine :LOL:
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