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UPDATE on the twins!

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Just wanted to do a quick update on the kids.

They will be 3 weeks old on Monday! I cant believe how quickly time flies!
They are still in the NICU, known as feeders and growers. Weve had some issues with the occupational therapist as far as bottle feeding and breast feeding, but I am winning so far! We are breastfeeding 2x a day. Both boys are taking upwards of 15-20mls at the breast. We figure this out by weighing them before and after feedings. They both weigh 4 1/2lbs each. They have slightly elevated bilirubin levels (9.3 for each boy as of this morning), but there isnt a concern about putting them under lights again.

They are in a crib together. We get to do alot of thier care when we visit, and it helps us feel closer to them. They are learning feeding times really well, and are begining to wake up before feedings and rooting around. They are latching on really well, and are sucking better and better each time they are at the breast. I am still pumping for them too!

We are hoping to bring them home within the next few weeks.

Hunter (red) Kolton (white)
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way adorable little boys, i am so excited for you guys to bring them home. Congrates and welcomes to the world little ones.
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Oh! They are so adorable! I hope you have them home soon!
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Good lookin' babies... Keep on a pumpin for them you won't regret it! Hope they are home with you real soon. Thanks for the update.
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Sounds good - they are so cute!
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Hey hun! : That is so awesome that they are already BF so well! :

You are doing a great job- those babies will be home before you know it.

Hunter and Kolton are precious!

Thanks for checking in 2:
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They look great---and so content to be together in the crib. Glad to hear that they are feeding so well--good work, mama!!
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I'm so happy that they are doing so well. What handsome little boys you have!
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What cutie pies Sounds like they are doing wonderfully, hopefully they are home with you soon
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They are adorable! I'm glad they are doing so well, and hope they are home with you soon!
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They look fabulous- so cute! I hope you get to take them home soon. Congratulations!
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Beautiful! They look great!
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What beautiful babies! Sending warm thoughts and "going home soon" vibes to you!
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They look great! I hope they can make it home soon
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So glad to hear they are both doing well!
Hooray for the good latch!
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They're absolutely precious!!
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Good Job Mama. Dont let the nurses give you any crap. Your doing a great job and it wont be long before you'll be snuggling them both at home.
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What cuties! Hoepfully they will be home soon. That is so awsome that they are taking to the breast so well. Keep up the good work mama! And thank you for the update.
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