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The best baby socks?

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What are your favourite socks for your baby? I can't get any to stay on her feet! Are there any that stay on? I'm constantly losing them, and it's driving me a little batty
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I know they aren't organic or anything and they probably come from a nasty sweatshop, but DH and I really like Old Navy socks for our babies--they tend to stay on longer than others and fit for a pretty long time.
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Originally Posted by treemom2
DH and I really like Old Navy socks for our babies--they tend to stay on longer than others and fit for a pretty long time.
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MIL bought us a box of these absolutely adorable socks that look like Kaia is wearing little black Mary Jane shoes...they're made by a brand called Trumpette and they're sized 0-12 months. They also have more boyish and GN styles. DD has been wearing them since she got them at 2 weeks old and they are awesome. A bit pricey but you get 6 pairs of them in the box and they're really all you need. I put them on in the morning and don't have to fuss with them at all until I take them off! They are so worth the $$.

Besides that, Old Navy socks have been working really well. I got some cute ones from Naartjie and Babystyle and they come off all the time.
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We have had great luck keeping socks on with the Faded Glory brand. If you aren't opposed to Wal-Mart they are a great deal. We got the ones witht he cuffs. And I liked them so much we bought another package.
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i second the trumpette socks! love em!!
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Carter's socks

My mom brought some like these when we were having trouble keeping socks on Eden and they are GREAT. She said that's what she used when I was a baby too. I think she found them at the Carter's outlet and I have also seen them at Target (and the price was much cheaper than that link).

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We also have the Trumpette socks and love them. My Mom bought us some after Dd was born - they came with 6 pairs in a little egg carton. They are green, red, orange, black, blue, and yellow - all with little tiny stars all over. They stay on really really well and they are cute as heck. Definitely pricey though.

- Sarah
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I LOVE the socks my sis bought us from Target, Circo brand crew socks. They stay on until I take them off.
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I second the Circo socks, the plain white ones at least... they are the first socks I tried and I thought, "What's all this talk of baby socks never staying on?"
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I absolutely hate OLD NAVY socks, I can never keep them on. But we all different... I do love GAP socks, they're usually sold in a pack of two and are about $5.00 for the two. Kinda pricey but worth it. They're the kind that stand up straight, they don't fold down or anything.
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I second mighty-mama - the GAP ones are great (we mighty's need to stick together), but I have never purchased them, all the ones I've owned were gifts from a GAP-employed aunt who buys us as much clearance gap clothes with her discount as she can.

I think the ones we have now that I like are circo - I generally like the Circo brand clothes - they are decently made, wear pretty well and don't have character branding.
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I have not been able to get a single pair of socks to stay on her feet. For a few weeks our house was littered with single socks and she never had more than one on. Now I've given up and she wears these little bear shoes/slippers. I think they're from Carters. We only have one pair so she wears them everyday and I wrap a blanket around her feet when I'm washing them.
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I can't keep the damned Old Navy socks on either. That's what I get for being a label whore. I've tried 140 other brands as well and only a couple will actually stay on. Annoying.

I'm glad this thread was started as I go bonkie trying to keep DS's socks on. I've been leaving them off lately and his poor little feet end up freezing cold- even though we're in FL- because I have the a/c cranked up. I'll try some of these other brands.
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DD had really skinny feet so socks were a pain.

The only solution we found were "Gold Bug" socks (they have grippers on the bottom which is funny in newborn size) at Fred Meyer. I'm sure you could find them elsewhere.

For my older kids, I love Old Navy Socks (and Costco!) but if you can't keep them on for tinyness, Gold Bug were the best.
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I have had the best luck with socks from Kohl's they are Sonoma brand http://www.kohls.com/products/produc...=1137289848535
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how about some hanna andersson sock moccasins instead?

it took our son months to figure out how to get those off his feet.

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Thanks for all the links! We can't keep on any of the ones we have, and we have Gap, Old Navy, and a couple of others... I am going to try trumpette next I think I feel better spending the money if they might actually stay on, hehe.
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We've tried a million brands and she can get 'em all off

...so we put her Robeez on just about every time we leave the house. When someone gave us the Robeez my DH thought they were pointless for a non-walker. We soon realized their true function...keeping the socks on!
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Gymboree has great socks. They last forever and don't fall down. Can someone post a link to those Trumpette socks? Sounds like I have to have some!
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