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Is it just me....

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Or does there seem to be lots of testosterone growing in our mama's bellies on this ddc. I can't believe all the little boys.
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It's not just you AND it's not just this DDC! I'm on a DDC on LiveJournal for June2006 and over there we have 14 boys to 6 girls!!! It's insane!

There's been some speculation over there about it (apparently the May2006 group on LJ has 21 boys and 12 girls! woah!). Some of the reasons people posit are:

*"Boys are more likely than girls in spring and early summer (by about 15 or 20%) and it reverses in fall to being girl heavy, because boys actually have weaker immune systems and overall constitutions at birth, so they fare better when born in spring and summer and have time to strengthen. It's a natural reaction to weather conditions to allow the best survival rates for the species. Crazy, huh?"

*"Well, our babies would have been conceived in Aug/Sept, and you are statistically slightly more likely to have a boy than a girl if the weather is hot. Male sperm respond better to heat and female sperm to cold. Maybe it's weather related?"

*"Traditionally boys are born in the summer, girls in autumn/winter. It's an old famine reflex thing, in hard times the population would produce more girls as they are a guaranteed investment (boys using more resources to mature and then going off and getting themselves killed)"

I have NO idea if any of it's true, but it's interesting to wonder about, no?
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Actually, it's not out of balance. We have 5 girls and 6 boys, so far.
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We're 8 to 5 now Stacy - I've been keeping a tally by editing my post on the thread addressed to you!! Lots of boys moved in on Friday But still 8 to 5 doesn't seem wildly out of proportion
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It's 10 to 5 now! I think I'm having a boy too
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Interesting! When I was pregnant with DS about 18 months ago, I went into a maternity shop here and the worker asked me what I was having. I said a boy, and she said, "No surprise. So far this month out of 45 women I've asked, 30 are having boys and 15 are having girls." She said that (and I don't think I believe this) according to a social science class she took once, way more boys are born in a country when it is at war. Sort of a twisted way to look at it.

But... out of my 5 good friends who had babies during the same time I did, NONE of them had girls.
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