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yeah for you and baby Ian!! glad your birth was so nice for you!
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Congratulations!! WElcome to the world Ian
I wish you all the best for the next few days (and all the time thereafter) and that you can rest, sleep and get to know each other!!!
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: :

Sounds like a great experience. Glad everything worked out and everyone is doing well! Enjoy your babymoon! I'm on my way to read your birth story.....
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Congratulations!!!! :

I'm glad everything when so well. Enjoy your new baby boy!
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Congratulations! I'm so excited for you. And so glad you had such a great birth experience. Happy babymoon!
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Congratulations! Glad you had a great birth and happy baby moon to you and the family.
Welcome Ian Miles
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Congratulations! What a beautiful birth story . And I just love his name! Enjoy your babymoon!
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Hi guys! I just wanted to drop in and let you all know how things are going...BUSY!!

We are doing really well. My milk came in Sunday evening and Ian is nursing well -we're having to work a bit to get him latched on because he's been so sleepy, his mouth is SO tiny, and I have a flat nipple on one side that needs to be worked out so he can grip it, but it's getting easier and once he's on he nurses great. So far he has been sleeping SO WELL at night - I can't believe it, but he's only been waking once between about 11pm and 8 or 9 am! My other kids didn't do that until they were something like 2 years old, haha! I'm sure he'll start waking more to nurse now that he's becoming a little more alert, we'll see.

I can't believe how great I feel - the day after he was born, my body felt better than it did BEFORE he was born. I didn't have any tears, and my perineum already feels normal, not even sore after the first day. My pelvis no longer hurts like it did the last weeks of pregnancy, and although I'm sleepy and a bit tired, it's such a DIFFERENT tired than I felt when I was still pg. And I'm on such a baby high! Also I'm just absolutely thrilled and relieved that everything went so smoothly. Oh, I do have to say that the afterpains when he nursed the first couple of days have been overwhelmingly painful - worse than most of my labor! I had heard that happens with 3rd babies, but just didn't realize how bad it could be...but it's already 500% better and not bad now at all.

Angie - I was exactly 37 weeks when he was born. My first baby was 39 weeks, the second was the night before I turned 38 weeks, and now 37...I told DH if we ever have another one (yikes - NOT planning that!) we might end up with a preemie at this rate!

Charmcitymama - laboring in the car wasn't bad at all, really. I rode in the back of our Tahoe, so I had room to get onto all fours and lean forward on the seat back, which was the position I spent the whole labor in. I could not have handled sitting in the front seat, so I'm glad I decided to get in the back when we left (I think he had been posterior in the last couple of weeks and was working himself around during the labor, which is why my body needed to be leaning forward). I just rocked my pelvis and sang through the contractions, both to distract myself and figuring that as long as I could keep singing through them we had time to make it (I was stunned to arrive at the birth center and discover I was already 9 cm and still able to laugh and talk!). It went by a lot faster than I thought it would, guess because I was so distracted working through the contractions. And thankfully it was the middle of the night and the kids slept the whole way.

Anyway, when I get the chance to write out the whole birth story I'll post it over on the Birth Stories board.

Meanwhile, I'm still lurking a bit but forgive me if I don't post much! Hope you all are doing well - it will be exciting to read about all the babies that will be coming very soon!
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Thank you for the update and the pictures, his is just precious!!
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Oh what a cute little baby!!! Enjoy!
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What a cute little guy!! Thanks for the update!! I am glad you all are doing well!!
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Oh! How precious!!! I cant wait!!!
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Your whole family is beautiful!!
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Beautiful family! Thanks for sharing the pics. I will have to remember to try singing during the ctx, too.
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