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My ribs hurt!

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Does anyone have any suggestions for aleiviating this pressure from my ribcage being pushed outward? This is killing me. I hope the chiro will be able to help a bit on Monday.

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Do you know if the baby is posterior or not?
What my midwife suggested was to find positions to encourage the baby to "pop out from under/on the ribs" to allieve that pressure. My muscle is actually being pinched between babes butt and my ribs

For me (and this posterior babe) that is tailors pose, or on hands/knees (aka cat/dog, or the position for pelvic tilts)...basically any of the suggestions to help discourage a posterior babe while sitting.

Last night I had NO pressure, then laid down and felt her swing around to a posterior positon and boom! rib pressure and pain *again*.

I hope you find relief. I'm interested to hear if the chiro can help!
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Don't know if he is posterior or not. I know he is head down, but that's all I am aware of.

Chiro said that it's just something I'll have to deal with, that he can't do any adjustments that will help with that problem.

It sort of helps, if I feel him up in my ribs, to push on him...So far he's been scooting himself down a little when I do that. Except then he jams some part of himself into my pelvis/hip joint. The lesser of two evils I suppose.

I'm sympathetic though...I know that he is squished too.
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