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Were you BF or FF? Explain please too...

Poll Results: Were you BF or FF

  • 36% (146)
  • 40% (160)
    Formula Fed
  • 22% (90)
    Combination BF FF
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My mom passed about 9 years ago, so I am going off what my dad remembers and my baby book.

Apparently my mom nursed me for 2 weeks. Then 2 nights in a row, I kept them up all night. So the next day they fed me Similac. After that I slept through the night, and according to Mom, I "loved" Similac.

I sucked my thumb until I was 9 and seemed to always have oral fixations. I was pretty healthy, never really sick except one time when I was about 5 years old during the winter. I probably had a flu shot that week. No one left to ask
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I was formula fed and I sucked my thumb, but so does my bf little girl. I was rarely sick, fortunately.
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Breastfed til I self weaned at two, but I wasn't EBF. I think I had water, and started solids "on schedule" (whatever that meant in the 80s). I"ve never had an ear infection or allergies, and I'm rarely sick. Never sucked my thumb, and refused a bottle and paci, much to my mother's chagrin.
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I was FF and given solids starting at 8 wks...yuck.
My mom was misinformed about BF and really advocates for me and Finn now!

Oh yeah-I had pnemonia when I was 4 really badly, but didn't get much worse than chicken pox the rest of my childhood.
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I was breastfed until I was about 2.

My mom had never even seen a baby nurse before she had me and a nurse at the hospital told her I would suffocate at the breast. Thank goodness she was determined and didn't run into any major problems.
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I was ff the main reason starts with the birth of my older brother (8years older) when my mom got pg with him she was 18 and single back then were we live she was shunned because of it. When she had my half brother the dr who deleiverd him beleived in bfing and wouldnt allow any of his patiencts to ff. My moms nerves were extremely bad. She would have catatonic episodes. She did bfeed my brother till he was just past 7mo but she was going down hill fast 5'3 and just a little over 100 pds she lost down to around 80pds. So the dr she was seeing decided that it would be best all around to put him on formula. He almost died that night from a allergic reation to it tho. Anyway they worked till they found a "safe formula".

So when I was born she just put me on formula figuring that she would do like she did with my brother even tho her cercumstances were very different. So both me and my younger brother were 100% ff. Other than my youngest brothers congenital heart defect we have both been pretty healthy altho i do now suffer from major seasonal allergies.

Wow that turned into a novel sorry
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I was bf'd until about 7 months mother said she had enough when I started biting her. She said the doc told her I was big enough to have whole milk and since she stared rice cereal at 4 weeks she couldnt quite remember ( I was the oldest of 4) but she thought I was on table food at the time. I guess I was a pro . Considering she had just turned 18 when I was born in '67 I guess that wasnt bad.

She got pregnant w/ my brother 2 months later.
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My older brother and I were both formula fed from the beginning. The doctor gave my mom a shot to dry up her milk, kind of without her consent. definitely without her informed consent! SHe did breastfeed my younger sister for 9 months. my little sister was born 5.5 years after me so I guess policy had changed by then. My aunt and grandmother did not breastfeed, so i'm sure it was hard for her not having any real support.

I was born totally unmedicated though mom almost had me in the car.

and I EBF'ed all three of my kids.
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My mom was on medication for her asthma (she has had it pretty severely since she was an infant) and was told that she could not bf so my brother and I we were both ff from the start. When my second brother came along 11 years after my 1st brother the nurses told her that the meds were safe to bf with (same meds too : ) so she did nurse my littlest brother for a couple months. We are all fairly healthy despite this but my mom is sad that she was misinformed with her first 2 kids. She is slowly becoming a great bf advocate though
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I was formula fed from day one. In the late '70's, women were not encouraged to breastfeed. On the contrary, they were told that formula was BETTER for the baby than breastmilk! My mother tried to breastfeed me, but had no one to help, was discouraged by the nurses and my father, and never heard of LLL, so that lasted less than 2 days.

I, however, got great support (from my mom, too!), had access to lactation consultants in the hospital, went to LLL, read up, have a supportive DH, and have been nursing my son for 16 months. He has never had a bottle, not even of expressed breastmilk.
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I always thought I was exclusively BFed but I found out recently that I used to get a few onces of formula at night during growth spurts until my mom's milk "caught up" with me. Why they didn't just let me keep nursing, I don't know. I'm guessing they were going by the clock. "OK, she's been on the breast 10 minutes and she's still hungry - give her some formula."

I was breastfed till 15 months, though, because I was a preemie and I was so small still. My brother and sister were each breastfed to 12 months.
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I was ff. I was also hospitalized for like 3 months after birth and essentially seperated from my mother.
Even if that hadn't been the case my mother still would have ff. I think all her peers ff back then. (late 60s) My mom thought b'feeding was weird and all that. (She's been learning a little from me, but doesn't ask too many questions.)
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I was breastfed. I don't know how long, but most everyone in my family on both sides breastfed their kids. My aunt even exclusively breastfed her twins. At least I don't have to argue with any of them on this topic. All the others though...
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I was BF for about 2 months. This was back in 1970 when BFing was considered almost child abuse. Mom was misinformed and wasn't told that she needed to BF more for the growth spurts and so she had supply issues and was told to switch to formula. She also BF my sister and brother for about 2 months.

My sister's dr. told Mom that she should take away the bottle by the time my sis was 9 months. Sis was 6 months at the time. Mom took away the bottle and sis never missed it. Mom tried the same thing with my brother. Boy was he pissed! He's 37 now and my dad swears that weaning my brother at 6 months has caused him mental issues ever since. I was the baby and got my bottle until I was 2, but was given reg cow's milk, juice, etc...

My entire family has weight problems. I have asthma and PCOS. I never had ear infections until I was about 12 years old that was around the time we moved to Mississippi, so that could have been the climate change.

I often wonder what would have happened had Mom known how to really BF. She totally supports my decision to BF this baby and even says that I should do it until she is 2 years old. Go MOM!
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I was breastfed for 6 weeks until my mom had mastitis and was told by her Dr. to immediately switch to formula because "her milk was infected and would make the baby sick" She also didn't really have any support- any time she would feel stressed or overwhelmed as all new moms feel her mom and her friends would tell her to "just switch to formula" so that combined with the dead wrong medical advice cut it short for me. When she had my sister she didn't even try to breastfeed. I've always been a lot healthier than my sister. We both were crazy about juice bottles until we were 3 or so. Neither one of us sucked out thumbs.
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I was exclusively breastfed and my mom BF til i was 2. She was very active in LLL (still is at 63!!). I did suck my fingers til I was hhmmm? 10 or so? and had tons of ear infections as a kid, but I just imagine what it would have been like if I wasn't BF.
I consider myself very lucky that mom was so knowledgeable about BFing back then.. late 60s early 70s. I hope dd and the new little bean feel that way too someday!
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I was ff, I was small when born, 5lb6oz. My mom was going to bf me, but I lost down to 5lbs, they told her that she had no milk, and if I lost any more weight then they were going to discharge her and keep me in the hospital : she switched to formula. She didn't even try to bf my sister 2 year later, went straight to formula.
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I was formula fed because my mom believed that her milk never came in. As a (pregnant) adult, I feared that my milk too, wouldn't come in (figuring that it was a genetic breast shape/size thing) but I was really determined to breastfeed, so I started asking more questions. It turned out that my mom wasn't given a chance to nurse me until I was two-three weeks old (I was born six weeks early and had to stay in the hospital) and when she produced no milk, she figured that there was something wrong with her! When my brother was born two years later, she didn't even try to nurse him, assuming the same thing would happen
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I was bf until 15 months and my mom had a drug-free birth - in 1975.
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I was born via E-C/S and my mother was told she could not BF me. She says she did try but she never had milk.

Mind you this was 30 yrs ago.. so
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