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Anyone know how to get Play-Doh out of carpet

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I have red Play-Doh ground into my carpet.......fun!! Any ideas for getting the stain out other than letting it dry and hoping for the best when I vacuum, sponge, or something?
Thanks for any experience or ideas!
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Yes, oh yes, please anyone, if you know...

I just spent Saturday with the steam cleaner. It helped, but some vibrant green bits still remain. the advice on the container is totally useless. Eek.
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Best I know is to let it dry! Then take a fine tooth comb and comb through your carpet and break up all the playdough....then vacuum it up!

Moving this to the craft forum for ya! THere gotta be some playdough mammas there that have some great help for you!
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When we had Silly Putty all over the place I did an internet search on something like "silly putty stain removal" and discovered entire websites dedicated to this type of thing...unfortunately, I never bookmarked them, since I figured I'd just do another search if I needed. So, some sort of netscape search(or whatever your preferred search engine) would probably turn up some advice.

Anyway, the package says to remove as much as possible, let dry then vaccum. After it's dry you might try a stiff handwhisk broom and see if you can sweep some of it out (that way the beaters on your vacuum won't pound so much of it into the carpet). Sweep it right into a dustpan.

Test anything you do (including sweeping) in a small area first.

Water turns playdough into a vile mess. I'd avoid wetting the area.

OTOH, when dd colored all over the brand new (as in 2 days old) carpet the people who came to clean it suggested that you can clean some stains out of light colored carpet with a mix of nonsudsing ammonia and borax. I've never tried it. This was years ago, so in the event that I've got the wrong 2 cleaning agents and am advising you to make some sort of toxic gas PLEASE check with Poison Control or somesuch to make sure this is a safe mixture!

We currently have hot pink on the sculpted Berber 2 feet from here...doesn't really impress me as a problem to get up, but it probably varies by carpet type. I figured I'd vacuum it eventually. Plus, having been through the Silly Putty incident this strikes me as small potatoes....
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I ended up using a scissors! : not the best for the carpet, but it worked. Note: I did not do this with any children watching - would not want to give them any ideas!!
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