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when to get a doula?

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when are you supposed to start looking for a doula? i'm a 19w, don't want to start looking too obnxoiously early but also don't want to scramble at the end.

also, what kind of stuff are you asking them?

if there's a thread anyone can point me to, that would be great!

thanks! for your input.
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Whenever you want or have time to start searching. Mine doesn't sign contracts until after the first trimester, but other than that, she has no restrictions. I know mine already and have seen her in action at friends' births, so I know we are OK personality wise, so I guess I'll just go through what I'm looking for in a birth, have her meet my husband and answer his questions, that kind of thing. You could ask about experience, certification, what she brings to a birth for supplies, when she'll come in labor, if she's familiar with a particular childbirth method (if you care), contract terms, backup in case she's ill. If she relies on massage, but you hate being touched, that sort of thing would be good to know. Saw an interesting thing on another board mentioning you might want to ask about religion being incorporated into the doula practice - maybe you want that, or maybe it would drive you nuts.
& always ask for references. good luck!
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I would definitely say, "get started." Most doulas only take a certain number of clients per month so if you wait, you may not be able to get the one you want. It takes a little while to interview a couple of doulas and then decide so allow for that as well. Doulas can provide you with valuable information throughout your pregnancy so the earlier you start, the more information you are likely to get. Most of the certification organizations have a list of questions to ask at an interview, so you can look at www.dona.org and then add your own individual qusetions as well. Good luck and congrats on your decision to have a doula at your birth!
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