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Psychic connection-stuff with 2 year old...

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Are we the only ones who have a toddler "listening" when we're deep in thought? Over the last month, especially, ds has been responding to conversations we have not yet had, and answering questions we have not yet asked.

He can be in the other end of the house, or right in the carseat behind me in the car.

I guess I have to be careful what I am thinking now, huh!

He does it with dh too, not just me.

Anyone else? If so, how old was your dc when it started? My mother has always told me how she and I did this when I was little, but I think I was 3 or more, and it eventually went away...
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I'm not really a big believer in this kind of thing, but I often find that my DD says something I was about to say or suggest to her. Like, I'll be just about to suggest that, we, say, go outside, and she will say "How 'bout we go outside?" or whatever. That doesn't sound that odd, but it's happened enough that it weirds me out. I was talking to my DH about this the other day, and he pointed out that she may be reading body language signals of mine that I am not aware I'm giving.

She also suddenly started talking a lot about her grandfather, who lived far away and whom she rarely saw, when he was dying. She actually had a tantrum the day he took the fall that put him in the hospital (he never came out) and at the end of it, she kept saying, "See Grandpa, see grandpa." She never saw him again. I have never gotten over that and I've actually never told my DH (he's his dad) because it's just a bit much.
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you may want to read about indigo children (just google it). i think there has been a parents with "indigo children" thread or tribe here.
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This has been happening with DD and me for about 6 months (she's 2 and 1/2). It doesn't seem to happen with her and DH but he travels a lot for work and isn't around her as much (I'm home with her all day). At first I thought it was just coincidences, but I have always been very intuitive with other people (I used to be a massage therapist and could put my hands on painful areas of people's bodies before they told me where it hurt) and I think she is also.

It is very sweet and reaffirms the connection I know we have, but it is also a problem when I am weighing in my mind whether we should go to the park or go to the grocery store and she says, "Oh, let's go to the park, Mama!". We never get any errands done!

I am definitely going to check out the indigo thread -- I never heard of that before!
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My son does this. I will be nursing him and thinking about something and he'll unlatch and bring up the thing I was thinking about.
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My daughter does this too. I'm not big on the idea of "indigo children" though. I think all children probably do this to varying degrees.
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I always thought this was all hogwash til my son came along. Two things have happened that are very weird. One: the night my mother died, I tucked my son in as usual. He looked at me very seriously and said, "Angels, mama". Now I had NEVER talked to him about angels, and I am quite sure no one else had, either. All the relatives were at my dad's house, not my house, so it's not like he was hearing adult conversations about it. For several nights he mentioned angels. It was really WEIRD!

The other thing that happens is sometimes he will bring up a subject that DH and I have been discussing well out of his earshot. Like, DS will be sound asleep upstairs, and we're talking two floors down in the basement family room. Then the next morning, DS brings the topic up! And it's not something we'd been discussing with him previously. It's like he has ESP in his sleep or something.....
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Honestly, I think this is a normal thing for all kids.
It makes perfect sense. They are very new to this world and don't have all of the "social norms" clouding their consciousness like adults do.

Not all parents will pay attention or nurture it so the behavior stops.
Other times, parents actually say things like "You don't see Grandpa standing there. Stop it" and the child stops mentioning seeing the things they see.
Eventually the child stops seeing them as well.
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yup...my son is like that...especially me and my mom. it's downright creepy. LOL but i love it
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Oh my goodness, I was getting a bit freaked out by my toddler until I read that you have similar experiences! The weirdest-- he was staying with my mom, and they were walking by an old abandoned building on my little home town's main street (where he's only been a couple times). The building used to be my great grandpa's doctors office, over 40 years ago when he was the town dr. My son pointed at the building and said, "Grandpa's office! Grandpa used to work there." My mom was really freaked, and I know no one's ever told him that! My great grandpa died even before I was born!

He also can communicate with our dog, he knows what she needs even if they're not in the same room. One morning he woke up before us but was still in bed, we went into his room and he said, "Sam is sick, her tummy hurts." A few hours later she was very sick.
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psst, Tahini:
sounds like a past life association for your DC.
If that's something you would be willing to consider that is...
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Bleuet does it, too. I don't believe in much that I can't see, but it happens.
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what cool stories!
who else?
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when my dd was 9 weeks old I said "hello" to her and then she said "hello" in a very clear voice while looking me straight in the eyes.

She's still a bit young to express psychic clues, she's 14 months, but when she was much younger and I would get frustrated with a certain behavior of her's and would discuss it with my dh, she would actually change it right away, as if she understood on a spiritual level...
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Wow! That sounds very exciting and cool.

My DS is 3 yo and I think he just does the coincidence thing. Though it does happen quite a bit. The other day ds and I were playing and I just felt the urge to tell him I love him, because well who doesn't love their kid.

At the exact same time we looked up at eachother and said
"I love you"

Just thought it was cute ^.^
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Yep, both of my kids do things like this. I've always wondered if it's something we're all born with, but lose it as we get older (the same way that we lose our ability to pronounce japanese words, for example, as we learn english). My daughter is constantly bringing up things that I'm thinking about, but that she (I thought) knew nothing about. As an example, we were looking at home videos from the year she was born, and her Granny (who died when DD was under a year old) came on the screen. We've never talked about Granny, or shown her pictures, because we've always thought she was too young to explain death to. But she saw the video, said "Oh, it's Granny. Granny is happy now, not sick, in good place!" I was a tad creeped out.

My baby sister did the same thing. My step-mother lost her twin brother the day before she went into labour (the news of the death probably caused the onset of labour, actually). So obviously, my half-siblings never got a chance to meet their uncle. On the anniversary of his death, when my sister was about 1.5 or 2, she stood up in her crib, looked at my step-mom and said "Uncle Gary died." It wasn't something that had been discussed around her at all, so it creeped my step-mother out a bit.
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