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How long should this take?

Poll Results: How many months have you been ttc

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    over 12
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I am very impatient and somewhat a control freak so this waiting game is getting to me. My cycles are regular, textbook cycles. Every 28 days BAM there she is. I have signs of ovulation every month, boundless supplies of EWCM...So how many months will it take?

ahhhh! This is going to drive me crazy.

Thanks for letting me rant.
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I am so with you, naturegirl!

This is our 4th month trying, with one very early miscarriage. It's beginning to drive me nuts! It only took two months with my first and that was coming right off the pill. I started charting this month, so I know when I ovulated, but the waiting now is killing me! I just want to know.

Argh! Thanks for the vent, I feel a little better, now.

At least you can know that you aren't alone!
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Naturegirl, you should probably post a poll on the PREGNANT board, and ask HOW LONG DID IT TAKE....

We've only been TTC for 1 month.

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12 months.

naturegirl, I too have been having all the signs of ovulation. Last cycle I used an opk and, even though the physical signs of ov were there, got a big fat nothing when looking for an LH surge.

Are you testing or just looking at cm?
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Not testing yet. I think I will wait a few months before I start testing. I did conceive last sept. but I mc in Nov. This is only month 2 really ttc. I told you I was impatient...
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I hear you, naturegirl. Very sorry about your miscarraige.

I am also very impatient. We've been trying about nine months or so. With my dd we didn't even really try, we just stopped not trying and it took six months.

Somehow, I thought that this time when I wanted to be pregnant I would just GET pregnant. Not the case.
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Does it get worse or better with each passing month. At this point I can't even imagine not getting anxious about seeing af. I also can't imagine feeling this way for months at a time. It is so draining... How do you ladies do it? I am in awe!
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I think I've just become comfortable with my insanity about it.

I just ride the roller coaster--optomistic for the first two weeks of a cycle, then looking for "signs" for the last two weeks. Just before my period arrives, one minute I'm sure ___is a sign of pregnancy, the next minute, I'm sure it's a sign that my period is about to start.

Thrown into THAT cycle are my more recent thoughts that it's not meant to be--it seems just when I'm on the verge of some kind of acceptance of that, something happens that makes me want another baby even more. :
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It's okay to rant, and it WILL happen. Have faith!

I am not currently ttc, but I wanted to post my experience in the hopes that it helps you.

I had a classic textbook cycle: 28 days, ovulating on the 14th day, low temp dip before O, high temp after.

The first month DH and I ttc, I got pg the very first cycle! Sadly, I miscarried at 6 weeks. That was Feb of 2001. My cycle came back 5 weeks after the m/c, but had to wait 2 months more anyway before ttc 'cause DH was deployed (we're military). For the next 4 months, we bd'd at all the right times. I was so *SURE* I was pregnant each time. Finally, in Oct 2001, we got pg. My beautiful dd was born June 2002. She's now 7 months old.

The kicker? The month we got pg was the month I was totally NOT concerned with being pg. We were moving into a new place, and we only got one chance to bd which I thought was too far away from O, but... it only takes once.

So all in all, it took me 10 months to conceive. When I first told my doctor that DH and I wanted to ttc, she told me to give it a year, that way we wouldnt' pressure ourselves trying too hard.

All that said, I remember how impatient I felt, so I can empathize! Good luck!!


P.S. dd is exclusively breastfed, so AF hasn't returned yet. Talk about impatient! DH and I have agreed not to ttc again at least until AF returns...
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Thanks loon! I don't know how to go about, "not thinking about it" at this point. I try not to but I know it is always there. Although, last month I was obsessing a little more than this month...It will happen. I can feel it.
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I have tried the same, "I'm not going to think about it" technique, but it never works. So, now I'm trying to find something relatively harmless to focus my obsession on.

This month it's thermometers. I've rejected the two digital thermometers we already owned, plus the ear thermometer, as being too inaccurate. I have since then purchased two other thermometers. My husband is being a saint about it. We talked and came up with a thermometer budget. This keeps my obsession in the under $30 range.

I just have my fingers crossed this month. It might be my imagination, or phantom symptoms, but my breasts feel tender, I'm exhausted all the time (of course that could be from dd deciding she doesn't need naps after all), and I was feeling a little queasy this evening. I keep telling myself that it doesn't mean anything, and to not get too excited. But the part of my brain that I want to put a sock in it, won't, so keeps telling me I might be.

I want to wait until I've reached 18 days of high temps, but know that I will cave by day 28 of my cycle.: I just don't have the self control! Oh well. Sorry to rant.
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I know what you mean about imagining symptoms. I have been feeling extra tired, bloated and seem to be slightly nauseous on and off. I too am trying to not read into it. But you all know how that goes...It was so much easier to "accidently" get pg. Why did that have to end in miscarriage?:
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Oh, I never said it was easy to NOT think about it. I failed miserably at that every time I tried. LOL!

I *did* think about it, every day, but with all of our worry and activity of moving, I was able to be less particularly obsessed that month. Er...did that just make sense?

I understand totally about your m/c. I think that for anyone who has sufferd a m/c, it's that much harder to ttc because you think: "It happened, but why didn't it last?"

TTC is hard for everyone though in some way, because you so want it to happen.

Sending lots of baby vibes to you!

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T I love your quote Loon. "Its easier to build a child than repair an adult." Where did you get it? Is it ok if I use it in my work?

BTW sitting here I am noticing me breasts are sore?!? Hopefully not more imaginary symptoms...:
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Originally posted by naturegirl
BTW sitting here I am noticing me breasts are sore?!? Hopefully not more imaginary symptoms...: [/B]
I had the same thing - for almost the entire two week wait.... well probably from around 5dpo - and LO-AND-BEHOLD, Af shows up 2 days early! I think my boobs are probably tender every cycle I just never noticed it before....
I'm STILL disapointed.

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I found that quote on a Cheerios box, of all places. I loved it. There was no reference as to where it came from, so feel free to use it!

I hope your soreness is not an imaginary symptom. Keep us posted!

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I was right where you are last month, naturegirl. I was so sure that I was pg and every sign was there and I just thought I felt different somehow. Well, AF showed up two days early just to spite me it seemed like. we've been ttc for 4 months, although I know that for 2 of those months we probably didn't BD enough, but I that didn't stop me from having a small meltdown about the situation.
The good part is that now something in my mind has clicked and I just am not obsessing about it, I had to stop for my sanity. It really was getting to be too much month after month. We are still ttc this month but not stressing about it. Now when I feel those little could be symptoms I remind myself, pregnancy or pms, they share so many symptoms and either way its my body doing its thing. I've really gotten so much more in tune with my cycle and all the different feelings in my body since starting ttc. It's really pretty cool when I think about it. Also, lately I've been trying to stay focused on that great part of my cycle where I can think "maybe I'm pg". It's weird but I've really started to enjoy the not knowing part. :
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