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new place no tub

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Hi Mamas and Papas,

DS and I are getting ready to move to a great new apartment -- only problem is, the bathroom features a shower, no tub. DS is 22 mos old and I'm guessing he's not going to be too keen on the shower. A friend suggested finding an inflatable tub to use on the shower floor ... but I have no idea where to find something like that. It's a rectangular shower area (though I don't know exact dimensions yet).

Any ideas?

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There are inflatable baby tubs...start with babiesrus. What about a large plastic storage tub? Like from Target or something? My friends live in a house with no tub and their kids are ok, but they ask to visit grandma, and her bathtub, quite a bit.
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We don't have a tub either (OHHHHH how I miss baths). Ds loves the shower, but that is all he has ever really had. He gets baths if we are in a hotel or at a friends house for an overnight visit etc. and so he thinks that tubs are only in hotels!!!!!! I bet he'll adjust especially if you can make shower time fun, Isaiah takes trucks into the shower and plays while mom or dad washes, then it is his turn.
I must caution you though, I vowed never to own or rent a home without a tub again ( I really miss the tub, I don't take baths that much, but, once in a while they are really nice!!!) and so did a friend of mine that had a similar situation (she rented so she got out of it much easier, Dh and I own our home). Dh's mission for the winter is to put a tub in our bathroom.
Hope it works out for you guys!!!!!

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Our DD didn't really like showers for the longest time but recently asked to come in with me and had a blast! If you have a shower where you are maybe try taking one with him before you go?
I too have seen the inflatable tubs at toys r us too, I bet it would be fun for him to blow it up for a bath!
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I found an inflatable tub at www.therightstart.com that was a bit bigger than ones found in stores like toys r us and target. It worked great for when ds was younger....
Although ds has always liked showers with momma. He has some plastic cups and a big fishy cup with a spout on it so he can fill them up and dump them
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Oh, thank you everyone! I went away from the boards for a few days and came back to such great ideas and advice! Sort of like having little elves working on a problem for me

We move this weekend ... I'll try to get him into the shower just to check it out before we go. Maybe he'll love it!

Thanks again!

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My ds wouldn't have anything to do with the shower until one day I just asked, "bath or shower?" He wanted to to go in the, "rain!!!!" Now all he wants is to shower!! This is the same kid that wouldn't even let me wash his hair the week before, now he's taking a shower the same as you or I. Yours might change his mind, just ask!
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