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Woohoo! So it's noon (or 12:30?) at Wallingford playground, yeah? Or Karuna's house if it's rainy? Shall we email you for an address?
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"I miss my dyke friends back east, and I miss hanging out with folks who just get it, you know?"

Me too! Me too!

I'm het though, so I will understand if this is not a party for me. My ds is 20 m.o. and has many queer aunties back home who send him cool presents, but no IRL role models of women who aren't... well... you know. Superstraight. We'd love to get to know you guys if you'd like to get to know us...

We live on the Eastside, and we're free for a noon playdate on the 11th. LMK. It's OK if you don't want a het messing with your vibe.
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Yeah, cool, I'm glad y'all can make it. Smithie, come along! Anyone object?

Call or email me for directions to my place if its rainy-- 206-722-3837. Otherwise, Wallingford playground at noon.


(karuna's not my name, just a Pali word I like)
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Is this the right place?


I am a pregnant lady with glasses and a chunky blond toddler. I'll be wearing a red backpack that says James, even though my name is Lydia.
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Ugh...there is a good chance we won't be able to make it, about which I am severly disappointed. dfs has had a respiratory infection for the last three weeks (it seemed like it was pretty much gone for a while), which has really exaserbated his asthma. Today it got so bad the doc had us do chest x-rays to rule out pnemonia. Turns out there is no pneumonia, but his asthma is bad enough right now that I am hesitant to do a longish car trip with him. The doc gave me instructions to call 911 if he turns blue !

I might leave dfs at home with dw and drop by on my own, since I have to go up to Bellevue tomorrow to drop off my laptop at the Toshiba service center. I'll see what the morning goes like.

Have fun! And I hope to have the chance once more to meet up with all of you.

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James and I had a great time meeting y'all. He is sleeping very soundly now, and his lip didn't swell up too much from the headers he took off the slide.

The Eastside mamas will probably meet in the next couple of weeks, possibly at my house. Keep an eye on that thread!
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Yeah, it was fun to get together...even though we don't have our little one quite yet. Glad James survived his wild adventures with the big kids!
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BTW, megan and sacha, here's the blog of my friends who just had a baby:

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Well I am sorry that I had to miss. I didn't even make it up to Bellevue for the computer thing. I hope we can catch you all next time, and glad to hear you had fun.

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Originally Posted by Smithie
BTW, megan and sacha, here's the blog of my friends who just had a baby:

Wow, do you know them IRL? I've followed their blog periodically over the last year and knew that they had their baby. Just saw the adorable pics now. So funny that you were talking about someone I "know" as well. : )
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Great meeting you all. Sierra-- I hope your baby's feeling much better now! How scary for you. Sorry we didn't get a chance to meet, but maybe next time? I'd be willing to meet somewhere closer to you.

James was so funny, and so darn resilient! What a tough little toddler he is.

Sorry my partner crashed it for a while, it was the thing with my daughter's nap and all. If it makes it any better, in college his female friends gave him an "honorary uterus."
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I thought your dp was very cool, karuna.

megan, I've "known" Emilin for about six years online, we "met" before she was married and WAY before ttc. So it's very cool to see her become a babyblog celeb!
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