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Picture Trouble

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I can't figure out how to attach pix. Do I have to have a certain amount of posts before I can attach photos. I noticed some of you use yahoo pix and such. How can I do the same? I have beautiful birth pix to share...Thanks.
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Your photo has to be hosted somewhere online, like shutterfly or photobucket. The you post the link here. It can't come directly from your computer like an attached file onto email would.
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Thanks Stacie! When are the LLL meetings in Chico? I'd love to come.
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Tee hee, we just had one today, I should have looked at this sooner! Please come next month! I will email you (if your email is shown) or I can pm you here to remind you closer to the date.

Did you post some pics somewhere? I'd like to see that baby!
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Hi Erin! I'm Saralake & Janelle's friend Amy! it was nice talking to you at the Breastfeeding meeting last week. LMK if you want to borrow some of the cloth dipes I have.
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hey amy! good to see you
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Hi Stacie! Good to see you too!

Erin~ Just got your message, so I'll call you tomorrow
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