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Want to get away from cleaning chemicals.

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I was wondering if any of you have any websites, books, ideas, etc on how to use more natural products for cleaning the house. I know vinegar, baking soda, borax, and EOs are used but I am looking for guidelines- I just dont know where to start. Thanks for your help!
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I credit this board and this book: Clean House Clean Planet by Karen Logan


for my changing to my non toxic life chemically. Great recipes and it explains things that are toxic around your house.

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I use Shaklee products, they are organic and biodegradeable, and they are concentrated and they last forever. There are laundry and dish cleaners, and also all-purpose cleaners, and germicide. They also sell vitamins, shampoos, non-toxic makeup, lots of stuff. You can buy it at Shaklee.com.
Colleen : :
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I use vinigear full strength for a lot of cleaning.
I make a paste of b.s and water for oven cleaner...leave iton 24 hr or over night misting it w water to keep it damp...it works well.
I also use tea tree oil drops in a spray bottle for general cleaning..20 drops to sprayer.
I use a 3 tablespoons vinegear with a couple drops of oil for a wood polish and this ratio is not too oily but does a good job. I also use squidgy's (sp i know lol) for my mirrors instead of the dreaded windex. After a shower when they are all steamed up a quick wipe with the squeegy does woners.
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I use some Melaleuca stuff and LOVE it especially the new Soluguard stuff....I get it here from my friend Wendy...wendymariemooney@msn.com

I also use vinegar mixed with water and a few drops of TTO.
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I use Dr. Bronner's peppermint for almost everything. It cleans great and leaves a nice smell behind. Really I use it for everything, in the carpet cleaner, floors, counters, bathrooms, washing dishes (by hand). I even use it on myself in the shows. This is the best stuff ever! The only thing I don't use it for is laundry and I use Bi-O-Kleen products for that.
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