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Need more info about milk

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I am taking my son off of dairy and have already noticed a measureable change in him in just taking him down to one serving of whole milk. I went to the store today to get a dairy free milk and I am a little confused about the choices. They had soy milk in vanilla and chocolate flavors, lactaid whole milk and organic whole milk. I got the vanilla soy milk after hemming and hawing over it but I think now that I should have gotten the lactaid whole milk. Can anyone explain the differences? When i posted about taking ds off dairy in a post on health and healing someone mentioned a soy/rice milk combo. They didn't have that in my local grocery but I am going to check if they have that in the city when I am also looking for soy (or dairy free) cheese. So, from what my understanding is, the dairy allergies are because of the lactose so any lactose free milk should be fine, right? I assume that the organic milk is just hormone free. The soy and lactaid milk were both labeled lactose free. TIA for any comments, I feel totally clueless about all of this and just want to help my ds feel better.
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I didn't read your other post, so I'm wondering whether your son might be lactose intolerant or whether he's sensitive to the proteins in milk? If the former, then lactose free milk should be fine, if the latter, then no milk or dairy products will be OK. If he's really sensitive to all dairy products, then you also need to avoid ingredients like casein and whey (often found in soy cheese, it has to say vegan to be dairy free).

If it's lactose intolerance than lactaid or another lactose free milk should do the trick. (My Whole Foods carries organic lactose free milk which is nice, because it's hormone and antibiotic free).

I think the first step is to figure out what exactly his sensitivity is so you know what you're dealing with.

As far as milk substitutes, I would look for ones that are lowest in sugar and are fortified with calcium, vitamin d, etc. I love almond milk, myself, but I don't drink that much of it (pretty high in sugar).

hope this helps a little!
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Well I am not really sure what the case is. He has had quite a few ear infections, episodes of wheezing that require breathing meds and steroids and also has those dark allergy circles under his eyes. I really don't know a whole lot in the subject but from things I have read and people I have talked to from here I figured that I would try the dairy elimination and see if there was a difference or not. I don't live in a progressive area at all. My ped is a very mainstream, pro antibiotic, pro vax doc that I try to avoid. Some would say get another ped but she is probably as good as it gets around here. There are no Whole Foods or anything like that around here. Matter of fact, I was shocked to see the organic milk at the store. I guess I am rambling now but in answer to your thought of weather ds is lactose intolerant or milk protein sensitive, I just don't know. I do know that cutting from 3-4 servings a day to 1 a day is showing a wonderful difference.
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Cow milk is for baby cows, and has nasty stuff in it, and no one should drink it. "organic" cows milk is still cows milk.

http://www.pcrm.org/health/Info_on_Veg_Diets/milk.html has good info on milk

Good alternatives are rice, almond, oat and soy too. Unflavored oat milk is great for cooking too.

At the end of the day though, water is still the best stuff to drink.
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Hmmm, if it is a dairy allergy (which it sounds more like than lactose intolerance, which shows up with gas/bloating) then I think your best bet is to go cold turkey on all milk and dairy products for 3 weeks (the time it takes the residual dairy to clear the system) and see how your son looks and feels. It's hard, but it might be worth it.

It's really hard if you're not used to a dairy free diet, but it means no milk, no cheese, no yogurt, no ice cream, and read the labels - no casein, no whey. Here's a list of ingredients to avoid:


On the other hand, I don't think you need to find a one-to-one substitute for all dairy products, KWIM? I think some of them are just plain yucky - you could not pay me to eat soy yogurt, for example, I've tried them all and I don't think they're worth eating. I'm not too fond of soy cheeses either. So maybe look for a rice/almond/oat/soy milk type beverage but don't knock yourself out trying to find substitutes for everything else dairy.

Baby Matters by Dr. Linda Palmer is a child health book that talks a lot about the problems cow milk can cause kids, and might be worth a look.

Good luck!
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