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Sex drive and Zoloft??

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Hey y'all! I'm on Zoloft 100-150mgs. And I have NO sex drive!! HELP! I could just never ever have sex again. And that's not how I want to be, especially since I've been married for 10+yrs. Is anyone else experiencing this? Any suggestions on "cures"? I still need to take my meds but I want to be open to sex again too.
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Anyone? Anyone?
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I was on Zoloft for several months and my sex drive completely disappeared. It didn't come back until after I stopped taking it. I know that's not what you wanted to hear!
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My cure was to go off, but that's no help. It really decreased my sex drive. Have you tried Wellbutrin? That's supposed to have no sexual side effects. I couldn't use it because I have seizures, but I've heard good things from others.

My only other suggestion would be lots of foreplay. It worked a little for us to say we were always going to have sex on Mondays and Fridays. Knowing it was inevitable took the pressure off a bit.
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Well, there is another medication that is supposed to help with sexual side effects. Its really a rather harmless medication and you take it like two hours before wanting to have sex. Amantidine, I think its called. Don't know how great it works, though. You might talk to your prescriber about it.
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I was on Zoloft for a few months and I had less than no sex drive. I stayed on it because I was BFing and I needed help with my PPD.

After a few months I talked to my Nurse Practitioner and she switched me to Wellbutrin. BIG difference. A couple of weeks into the new medicine I was so much better. The depression was better and I suddenly thought sex was a good idea again.

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Hmm. I may try to find that drug Bell mentioned. AT least I know that I'm not alone in the Zoloft decreasing sex drive game. I have tried Wellbutrin but it gave me panic attacks. Zoloft works so well for everything else that I hesitate to change.
Good news anyone? I need help!
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I was taking Zoloft with the same side effect. I started using a progesterone cream, which seemed to help me, so it might be worth a try!
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I was put on Zoloft several years ago and was warned by my Dr. that lack of sex drive is one of the more common side effects. So is a sensitivity to sunlight (so wear extra sunblock every day). It sounds like you really need to talk with your dr. to prescribe something else. Wellbutrin is supposed to be a good alternative, but you might ask about what side effects there might be to any of the alternatives out there and make sure they're right for you.

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I was on Zoloft for years because I was breastfeeding and I suffer from severe depressions a couple of times per year. And yep ... I might as well have become a nun for all the sexual energy I had. It sucked.

What helped Dh and I was him being **super** patient with me and being willing to go very, very, slow and expend a lot of energy getting my motor started, yk? But unfortunately, on anti-depressants, it's almost impossible for me to hvae an orgasm. :

The whole situation stinks -- but it beats severe depression.

Right now I am on Celexa and while my drive is still low and it's still difficult to orgasm -- it's not as bad as it was on Zoloft.

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Just a quick positive note - Zoloft killed my sex drive for a year but it came back. I'm still on 150 mg and have a normal healthy sexual relationship with my partner (and have for a year now). You may find your body becomes accustomed to it over time.
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I'm also on Z 100mg. and it hasn't really affected my SD much... I didn't feel like it much before, and I don't feel like it much now
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When I was on zoloft, it killed my drive. It happened to be when I was a super hound and 9 months pregnant, so I think dh was thankful.

But I am dreading going back to my doc and going back on it because I already have no drive and have been working hard on getting it back.

About Wellbutrin, what kind of things does it cover? I am a nut bag, so I need one that covers a lot of bases like zoloft.
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Yep, mine has been MIA since I started the Zoloft. And my DR won't give me Wellbutrin because of past issues with eating disorders. :
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