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I just wanted to say that I've read your story -- both here and on your blog -- and that I think you're a really strong and amazing mama. Hang in there, be your son's best advocate, and you'll find the right way to help him.

One other thing. I've had herpes for 18 years now, and for me, acyclovir only really works if I take it right when an outbreak starts. I feel a prickly sort of tingle before I ever see a lesion. If I wait to take it, it basically does nothing for me. I guess that what I'm saying is that, if it is a herpes virus, you may not notice much change on existing lesions. If it were me, I'd consider using it with him for awhile to see if it eventually lessens the duration and / or frequency he breaks out.

I'll be thinking of your family,

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Considered going to a Naturopathic Doctor (ND)?

I think one would be able to find out exactly what it is. I took my dd to one when she had an urinary tract infection. The ped didn't want to give her antibiotics to see if it would clear up. Took dd to our ND and he hooked her up to a computer generated machine which measures every bodily function/area by chi energy. He was able to tell us exact cause and prescribed natural and homepathic remedies. DD's uti cleared up on it's own and it was caused by yeast and fungal infections. We've had huge problem with that since birth (almost quit breastfeeding, so painful) and I still battle an infestation in my body of candida. Antibiotics, unfortunately, is a main culprit to yeast/fungal infections. So if your baby has this then antibiotics may be making it worse. Cause when all the bacteria, even good ones, are killed off the strong yeast bacteria comes in and takes over.

You should give your baby some kind of probiotic to help replenish good bacteria. Just read in another post that you're giving already. I used a good quality probiotic, www.culturelle.com that is clinically proven to withstand stomache acid to make it into the intestines. My ND also said it was a good brand. I gave my dd 1 capsule/day mixed in a medicine cup w/breastmilk. I took like 2-3. Don't worry it won't harm your baby.

Sorry that you're going thru this. I had such a tough time, and still do, battling yeast. Hang in there.

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Originally Posted by kcbabe
You should give your baby some kind of probiotic to help replenish good bacteria. Just read in another post that you're giving already. I used a good quality probiotic, www.culturelle.com that is clinically proven to withstand stomache acid to make it into the intestines. My ND also said it was a good brand. I gave my dd 1 capsule/day mixed in a medicine cup w/breastmilk. I took like 2-3. Don't worry it won't harm your baby.

This brand of lactobacillus is a good brand but very expensive--a doc at a hospital pattented it and it is the strain of lactobacillus that has been studied to work it produces live colonies even after being capped up-- the forms of lactobacillus rhamnosis (or rhamnosus) it is lactobacillus GG- and guess what it is also in cultured sour dough-- the thing is you could give it with every feeding- there are over 300 known strains of lactobacillus, in all sorts of foods- anything fermented - there is a nice cookbook out there called Nourishing Traditions that has some fermentation recommendations. ---------I have found that self investigation is about the only way to get good and timely treatment -- at the culturelle site there are some studies - there are others at pub med or you can look at google scholar
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I don't know if it's allergies or not, but a lot of environmental allergies are NOT detected in allergy test (or contaminant allergies, like pesticides, for that matter). I've struggled with un-diagnosed allergies for about 15 years now (I get hives for "no reason", they're worse in the spring, summer and fall than the winter (a LOT worse), but they're still there in the winter. The only time they truely have disappeered is when I've traveled or lived in different states. I'm in MN, but when I travel/lived in CA, NC, SC, and FL they were virtually non-existent.) I've been on the generic version of Atarax forever it seems, and that doesn't keep them from breaking out, but it does help a bit. Maybe your son has an allergy like that? I've had allergy tests, and nothing ever shows up except a very slight reaction to dust mites.

One thing I'm looking into is NAET or NMT http://www.neuromodulationtechnique.com (which is actually what I'm leaning towards since it seems more efficient). Not covered by insurance, though, so I have to wait for my husband to get a good commission check first. But I REALLY don't want to go through another summer like last summer.

Maybe your son would benefit from such a treatment? Perhaps you could get a consult? It's basically allergy elimination, and I can't believe all the wonderful things I"ve heard. People have been on the brink of death from their allergies, and this cured them. All natural, so no side effects. The only side effect is in the pocketbook, but even then it's not astoundingly expensive, and your practitioner may let you pay a little every month.

Until then, my prayers that you find the cause and cure your son!

Oh, and KEEP UP THE BREASTFEEDING! Stopping will probably just make it worse!
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You and your partner sound like wonderful caring moms, and Charlie is absolutely adorable. He may be miserable with this skin rash, but his eyes show that he knows he is loved.

I hope you have an answer soon, and that you are able to avoid other Dr.'s who have no business practicing medicine - I was shocked at that dermatologist's behavior.
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Originally Posted by l_olive
I've had herpes for 18 years now . . .

I'm so impressed by you. I don't think I've ever heard (or seen) anyone openly admit to having herpes. I've always wondered why the stigma? Why the shame? There are tee shirts that read: I've had an abortion. But nobody EVER talks about having herpes. :

Good for you for being unashamed and open about it. If it were up to me, there'd be a national ad campaign with celebrities admitting that they have it and advising others how to avoid it. Maybe then when a little guy like Charlie gets a mystery rash, some of the mystery would be eliminated.
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If I were you I would give up with the different types of Drs and head in to your closest Children's Hospital. Charlie will get a better quality of service and various specialists can conference together and look at it together with a more unified approach. Childrens hospitals also have the cutting edge in research and technology. It really sounds like he needs this... each Dr is throwing at him the best meds they can figure out based on their speciality and area of expertise. I really think he needs a more ''whole'' approach and I think you'll get a better standard of care at a children's hospital.

In combination with that, I read an article recently on acupuncture and skin disorders... and how there have been significant scientific studies to show an improvement. Since you haven't tried it yet, it might be worth a try. I can't find the article, but here is one on the theory behind skin disorders according to chinese medicine. http://www.msingler.com/Frame/skin.html
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Originally Posted by Heffernhyphen
I'm so impressed by you. I don't think I've ever heard (or seen) anyone openly admit to having herpes.
LMAO, I impress somebody and it's cuz of the herpes!

And if I thought it would help this little boy in the slightest, I'd shout it from the rooftops!

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Try Cod Liver Oil and Flax Oil

My baby had eczema for a while. My holistic pediatrician (she is also an MD) recommended 1 tsp of Cod Liver Oil per day. Get a bottle from the health food store- a good brand is Nordic Naturals- find one that is distilled and free of toxins. My baby like the orange flavored one best. Also, give 1 tsp of Flax Oil everyday. Just spoon it into the baby's mouth. You can also rub Flax oil on the body, into the rash. This will help with itching and getting the Omega into his body more quickly. Your partner should also take the same amount of oils everyday so it gets into her breastmilk. Many rashes are signs of too little Omega 3 acids in the body. Either way it will help- even if it's a yeast rash or whatever.
I wouldn't stop breastfeeding- it's way more nutricious than formula- but you could have your partner pump for 2 weeks and just use formula instead, just to see if the rash gets better- then her milk supply won't get low.
You probably shouldn't get any vaccinations until you have this rash under control (your baby's immune system is already compromised for some reason and the rash signals that he is already pushing out poison through the skin). You don't want to compromise it more by introducing all the extra "infections" that vaccines introduce.
Your best bet is to find a true homeopath or naturopath. Any MD will tell you to use drugs. The homeopaths get (or try to get) to the root of the problem. The oils worked for my baby, and he had a nasty eczema. But it took like a month for the rash to go away totally.
Also- stay on the probiotics- your partner should take them too! THey are essential if you baby is on antibiotics.
Also- Aloe vera juice is an immune system stimulant. Get George's Aloe Vera Juice- it has no flavor. I have read about the great things it does for the body. You can get it at the health food store.
If it is a yeast infection- this is very complicated to deal with, and your partner should go on a Candida diet....a homeopath will steer you in the right direction with that!
Coconut Oil for cooking is anti-viral, anti-bacterial, etc. I used this on my baby's cradle cap, and it went away with one treatment. You can also try that on his skin and see if it helps soothe the itching....
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do you have some general lab work for this kido?
there is a dermatology web site you can look and compare -- I spent a while comparing your pic with the pics they have and there are a few look-alikes
the zinc deficency disorder one and
some that have to do with immune problems...
contact dermatitis
if you want the web address just let me know it is alot of upsetting pics to page through..
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I agree. babies with allergies do better with breast milk. The stuff they have for allergic babies is very, very expensive. And this might not even be caused by allergies. The breast milk might actually be making it better. It could be worse if you go to formula. I would get off all the formula. that stuff has so many ingredients that could cause problems.
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Hi Hugs to you all,
What a very hard thing for you all. It looks almost like an atopic eczemia, but it is strange that it has been present since birth. If the MDs are thinking it isn't allergic then I would be hesitant to put him on formula versus bm. It has been my experience that babies are generally not "allergic" to mom's milk, but many a baby has had issues with formula intolerance, both in the gut and the skin-I would hate to see a baby that weaned and ended up with a miserable tummy from formula and continues with a wicked rash.Best of luck to you in whatever you decide to do.
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You have So many wonderful responses already, I'm not sure if I should reply.. or if you'll even make it to reading my long story. I'm going to post it anyway in case it helps!

My son had severe eczema from his first few days of life. I tried all the elimination diets, thinking I was doing it right... Finally I tried a total elimination diet, Dr Sears has a nice one - you eat like 5 foods, no seasonings except sea salt, etc. After 2 weeks, my sons problems (and he had alot more than severe eczema) were GONE. So I knew at that point it was certainly a reaction, its the perfect way to rule it one way or the other. Problem was I couldnt figure out exactly what food it was still. At that point we started seeing an allergist. RAST tests are highly inaccurate in infants & small children, dont put alot of weight into those results. Skin-prick was the only thing that ever worked with my 2 allergic kiddos.

Sure enough, after 1 skin test we had our answer. Seemed easy enough, I started eliminating every trace of the food & he got better. 2 months later he developed a new allergy & we had to go thru the testing again. Same thing, skin test found it, I eliminated - he was better for a couple of months. Whole thing started again.... ugh. Throughout this entire ordeal our allergist was pretty adamant that it was time I gave up BF, too many reactions & too many new exposures to food proteins thru my bm. I ignored him, but at 11 months I started to cave... maybe they were right, it was just SO hard. (my son had severe, constant projectile vomiting along with the eczema- so it truly seemed as though I was causing him great harm...) I finally gave in & weaned. He ended up on Neocate (prescription, extremely expensive & no complete proteins in it). Well, wouldnt ya know, he STILL had reactions.

Then we end up in a GI docs office who specializes in food allergic children. The first thing he said to me? "I really wish you had come to see me before you quit breastfeeding, I could have helped you & he would be far better off getting breastmilk than formula" Wow, I cried...

My point in all this is not to let anyone dissuade you from bf'ing. A child with health issues is a child that really NEEDS BM!!

And I second all the other posts... cod liver oil, borage or evening primrose oil for mom, maybe wheat germ for the vitamin E (great for skin healing), and a probiotic supplement would all be very helpful to babe.

It does get better too, my ds is now 3 1/2 and he has outgrown many of his food allergies. Now only has 2 left. He hasnt had an eczema flare since he was 12 months old.

Good luck to you, keep searching & the answers will find you!!


Mom to Paige 6/01 and Aidan 5/02
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i've done it myself.

i am so sorry for you. i have been there. i DID put my son on formula for 2 days and it helped (he woke screaming every 15 minutes at night and could not sleep without vibration, colic tablets and a stupid pacifier-didn't have a rash). i was going to go off for a week but i tried to feed him on the third day and he was better. in the meantime, i got a double electric pump (recommended as "the only way to keep my supply" by a lactation consultant) and tincture/tea for boosting supply (fenugreek, mother's milk). i think it's doable. i was really freaked out about possibly losing my supply, but i think it would have been okay. looking back, i wish i would have relaxed. i love my pump but i don't really need it .
i'll pray for you-hope you don't mind.
p.s. i also have a lot of milk-still, often, more than we need. i don't know if that has a bearing on our success.
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I have to agree with those who suggested going to a homeopath - the skin is the vital force's vehicle of toxin elimination which has the least impact on the major organs. If allopathic drugs suppress the problem without the actual cause for weakening of the vital force being addressed, the problem will present in some other way (which allopathic medicine will not link together), likely in a more internal location.
Another option is bodytalk, see http://www.bodytalksystem.com
Good luck to you , whatever course you take with this.
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