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Extreme Fatigue???

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Has anyone else been experiencing this? Last week I had two or three days when I just couldn't wake up, and had to stay on the couch all day. Today I am feeling the same way. It kinda just hit me. I mean my body has been slowing down, but this is different. It feels like I am in a daze or a fog of some sort. Anyone else ever been like this? I have five or so weeks to go, and just wondering if I will be this way the whole time.
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If you feel like you are in a fog, or cannot physically stay awake, I would call your doc and have your thyriod checked immediately. I had the same problem with my first pregnancy and was unconcious for 2 days after giving birth at 32w.

I was on synthariod(sp) for a while after birth and eventually everything evened out. I haven't had a problem in 7 years.

But please call your doc-there is a difference between being tired and not being able to physically wake up all the way, or feel like you could always be asleep.
Good luck! And let us know how you are doing.
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Wow! Thanks for the info. I will call my mw and ask her about it right away!
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You might want to have your iron levels checked as well. I had mine done a couple of weeks ago and, sure enough, they were low which explained some of my nonstop need for sleep. I bought some Slow FE although I can't bring myself to take it every day due to the constipation problems it causes.
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I was also going to suggest having your iron levels checked. I'm slightly anemic all the time, but this point in pregnancy always knocks me on my backside. Relax though while you can because once that precious little girl in here, you won't have much relaxation time. Keep us updated, let us know how you are doing
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I was feeling the exact same way a couple of weeks ago. I had my iron levels checked, and sure enough, they were very low. I started on supplements and within days I was feeling MUCH better. Of course I'm still tired (who wouldn't be at 37 weeks pregnant? LOL) but there is a big difference between feeling tired and feeling so exhausted and fatigued that you can hardly function.
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