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Vomiting/Morning Sickness at NIGHT

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That's right......for the last week I've been throwing up at night about 9 or 10 pm. I am not experiencing nausea, but just throwing up. I've tried ginger and papaya enzymes, but those don't seem to be helping. Can anyone else relate? Are there any other remedies that I should try?
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Yep, I'm right there with ya'. What has worked for me is drinking a glass of milk and having a snack before bed. That can usually get me through the night, especially if I have a high protein dinner. I have to eat about every hour to hour & 1/2 that I'm awake, no matter what time of day or night it is.
Good luck! And hang in there...we should be through all this in a few more weeks, right?
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I know where you're at. My nausea would wake me up from a sound sleep. grrrrr! I try to just go to bed at 8:30pm, just after I put the boys to bed. And I eat a very small dinner and a small snack before bed too. And I keep pretzels next to the bed because I always wake up at some point in the night starving. I also have trouble falling back to sleep and I'm up for a few hours mid-night. I feel like there's a rock in my stomach sometimes, as if I'm just not digesting food very fast. But I feel better laying down usually, but that's not saying much! Ugh, what we have to go through!!

- Krista
mother to Ryan (3, self-weaned in Nov.), AJ (2, still nursing) and babe #3 (due Aug. '06)!
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Sorry. I have nausea and vomitting morning, noon, and night. It sucks. I have tried everything. Nothing helps.
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I am a morning, noon, and nighter too! Hoping it will be subsiding in the next few weeks.....taking care of three other children while feeling so sick is not easy! Especially trying to prepare meals! YUCK!
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Mornings & at night right before bed are the worst for me. I'm usually pretty good from noon-7pm, as long as I don't have to cook dinner!

What happens to our bodies after the sun goes down?!
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Make sure you poopy at night. That helps.
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You need to get ye some homeopathic remedies.....

find the one that matches your symptoms...I'm thinking Ipeca.

you can order from www.homeopathyovernight.com. I'd get the 30C potency.
Take a dose every night until you feel you don't need it any longer....homeopathy starts to work the other way around if you keep taking doses after the cure.
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mine has actually been letting up a bit, which is nice but worrysome at the same time. After a 4 my stomach decides it wants nothing but a few bites of food and if I am not asleep by 8 thats when I start vomitting, other than that though I have had none which has been very nice
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I so understand... and I'm sorry.

I can't decide if I feel crummy and that's why I wake up (to enjoy more feeling crummy since my entire day is not enough aparantly), or if I wake up and then feel crummy.

Bleh is all I can say!!!
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I go t my nausea at night with DS. It knows no time or season. I hated getting ready for bed and feelign yucky like I was about to get sick. I always ended up getting up and eating crackers and drinking water. Then I would have to brush my teeth all over again before attempting to fall back to sleep. Don't worry it will pass.
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I get it any time I don't eat anything. I woke up last night and got sick around 4am. I got up this morning thinking I had a little while and dropped DH off at 7am. On the way home, I was trying to toss my cookies but there was nothing there. If I eat, I am sick because food just simply does not taste good to me and if I don't eat, I am VERY sick. I know it will pass and that's all that I am hanging on to.
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My last pregnancy, I only got sick at night or in the evenings. I'd wake up feeling great and could eat decent meals in the morning. This time I'm not sick at all, but I get very dizzy in the evenings and extra tired. So it does happen, you're not alone. I hope that you start feeling better soon. I always swore by sprite (7 up wasn't the same). But many other moms don't seem to like it for ms. So the cure varies by the person. Feel better
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I throw up when i brush my teeth Which kinda negates the tooth brushing. I use a tom's of maine that isnt very minty at all and i thought that would help.
Anything minty makes me want to hurl. ugh.

Sorry several of you are having lots of pukiness.
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Originally Posted by amybw
I throw up when i brush my teeth
Yesh, that's the pits. The tooth brush itself (I think) made me gag & when I gagged, all this stuff from dinner came up... so gross. This was several weeks ago & it hasn't happened since, but it was so gross, it was a real struggle to force myself to brush my teeth for fear that it might happen again. It's weird how the mind works, isn't it?
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When I was pregnant with DD, I woke up nauseous a couple of times in the middle of the night and had a few moments in the morning, but nothing bad and I never threw up. This time, I start getting nauseous around 3-4 in the afternoon and stay that way until I get hungry enough to eat. I still haven't thrown up, but had a few close calls (I HATE throwing up and will avoid it at all costs). It sucks getting that in the afternoon, b/c I am at work and when it happens I just want to go home and lay down. I can't leave cuz I would use up all my sick time pretty fast and I need it for midwife appointments. Hopefully it will only last a couple more weeks...I am 9 weeks 2 days.

BTW...I have my 1st real appt. with the midwife today where I get a full physical. Is it too early to hear the heartbeat?? I really want to hear it...that makes it more real to me, KWIM?
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I've been nauseus 24-7 : It's been hard b/c I teach high school. My midwife keeps telling me it's only for a few more weeks but I'm about to go crazy feeling like this! I've decided they should have a 1st trimester mternity leave option as well!
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Next time I am going to make sure I have enough hours to qualify for short term disability leave before i get pregnant.

My morning sickness lasted all nine months the ifrst time.
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I have to say, it must have been a MAN who decided that the pregnancy-associated nausea that we are all having should be called MORNING SICKNESS, because it does not discriminate by the clock for me. There is no rhyme or reason to my nausea, and my gag reflex is on hyper-sensitive. If I get a tickle in my throat, I'd better get to the bathroom, because if I cough more than once or twice, it's all over. What helps? Not much. I like to think that whining helps, but it doesn't. (haw haw) Hang in there-I felt much better by 13/14 weeks with ds.
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