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Pap test needs to be redone

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I saw my Dr. at about 5 weeks and he did the usual blood and pap tests and it has been almost 2 weeks since then and now they want me to come in and have it redone.

The nurse told me it was nothing to worry about but little did they know that I am a professional worrier!

Anyone else ever have this?....What could they have seen???

I go tomorrow and I really don't know what to think.
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How long has it been since your last pap? (not this one they want to redo but before that?) If it has been within a year or two, I would tell them I won't now but will be happy to have a pap at my six week postpartum check.
Also, I would want more info. Did they see something they didn't like or they just didn't get a good swab to test? You don't have to have a pap test now.
They like to make you think you need one every year and maybe that is a good plan for some but my women's health care professional told me that if I'd had clear paps once a year for all these years (15 years or so now) that I could go to every other year and be fine. Now I don't have any family history of problems and have been only with dh for over ten years so other people with other histories/experience may be different.
Let us know what you decide to do.
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I had an abnormal pap once. All kinds of things-- sex, tampons, birth-- can cause little changes in your cervix. A repeat pap can catch things on a better day. I had several tests, all of whih turned out to be nothing.
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Best wishes for you, I hope it isn't anything serious. I saw my OB at five weeks pregnant to have a pap done, and it's been 3.5 years since the last one. I'm worried there might be something wrong and I'll have a hard decision to make, so I really hope your pap is fine!
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I would call and ask.

Pregnancy can cause pap smears to appear abnormal. I personally think it shouldn't be policy to give pg women pap smears unless they are overdue for one. The way I'm going, I'll end up with three pap smears in 14mo and I've always gone yearly.

If I should be pg again, I will not get a pap smear while pg just because a false abnormal result causes too much stress.

Let us know how it goes...
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Well I guess it was both good and bad news why they wanted it redone. Turns out I have Gardnerella Vaginosis (YUCK) They gave me supositories for that but when the infection is gone I need another Pap because all the white blood cells from the infection cover up anything else they are looking for. Dh has to take antibiotics too (haha)
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