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I think I am ready

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37 weeks on Thursday. I finally feel like I should be getting ready.
Went to wallyworld today.. Got batteries(spares for the camera), cotton balls, Tucks(those feel good when put on top of your pad ) , gatorade, some juice. I'll send hubby to the store for more labor food when its closer since I cant do too big of a shopping trip without practically killing myself. and I got a wipe warmer. I never had one before, just wet cloth wipes with warm water from the faucet, but when they are nbs and poop so much and go thru so many wipes, making them wai while you get a wipe wet is an eternity to a nb. So I splurged. Plus we are in Idaho, can you imagine how cold a wipe would be sitting wet in my bathroom? Brrr.

So clothes and diapers are washed and in the drawers. I packed a diaper bag for Jack, diapers and extra clothes, because I figured that would be the most important thing while at the birth center. anything else I need later hubby can run home for, but that'd be awful to have jack in a poopy diaper while in labor with no clean ones...

So I still need to pack my bag and baby bag, put carseat in car, set up Amby hammock, But I'll do that stuff next week. I need to make RRL to and freeze to have on hand for labor and afterwards. I am running my recycled water bottles thru the dishwasher now to fill up. I need to mix my postpartum herb bath herbs, they are ready to just be tossed in a pan.

What am I forgetting?

And I got the urge to paint the kitchen, after reading a thread about depression and your house.. It is very dark in here and I want to paint the kitchen yellow now, so am going to try to talk hubby into going to home depot tonight for paint.
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I was complaining about the walls in my kitchen and hallway - mainly because they are covered in pencil and pen marks from the girls : but dh said "No painting" so I guess that will have to wait.

Sounds like you've got all your bases covered.

And for the record, I DO know how cold a wipe sitting wet in your bathroom would be - I lived in WA when I was a kid, then again when I was 18 - it gets plenty cold!
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Wow, painting??? I can't even clean my bathroom! You are either brave or just nesting like crazy!

I'm just about ready too. Finally got the hot water hose and hookups for the birth pool and I didn't even have to ask for help at lowe's Have an emergency hospital bag packed and several boxes of labor & birth supplies ready.

Sewed & dyed all the sheets for the hammock, put together the bassinet, washed up all the dipes (that was momentous...really made it feel real!) washed up baby clothes and finished sewing most of the ones I had cut out. Carseat is still not in the car--that's dh's job. Like I can get in there to do it. Otherwise the house is a total mess and I have to get it cleaned up for my MW's home visit on Friday, and then hopefully keep it somewhat clean (of germs, if not clutter) so I don't birth this baby into a pigsty I'm not the best housekeeper but at 9 months pregnant I fear I fall into the negligence category...

I'm just 36 weeks today. But my close friend delivered at 36w5d a couple months ago, so it's making me a bit paranoid that it could happen soon!!
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Oh trust me, my house is a pigsty too. But I think if we painted, that would force us to declutter and it would help me feel better about keeping it cleaner.

jack likes to color on the walls too, so we have artwork everywhere, except the kitchen, which is why it'd be nice to have one nice room, and just leave the rest.. LOL
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It does sound like your ready. I am trying hard to get there, but just not feeling the baby coming soon vibe yet. I am cleaning like crazy around here though. Partly because my midwife comes for our home visit tomorrow morning at 9:00 DH is in the kitchen right now scrubbing. We each have certain rooms in the house that we are responsible for and the kithchen and bathrooms are his. The bedrooms and living room is mine. Our bedroom probably looks the best it has since we moved in 2.5 years ago.

I still need some waterbirth supplies, hose, faucet adapter, and drop cloths. Maybe I am not on the ball cause it seems impossible to me that this baby could come anytime now. I've always been ready by now. What's wrong with me
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I do a little each day...today found some undies and pj's for my bag. Bought a cute potted plant for Millie's room yesterday.
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Originally Posted by boycrazy
I do a little each day...today found some undies and pj's for my bag. Bought a cute potted plant for Millie's room yesterday.
Millie is such a cute name! Is it short for anything or is it just Millie?
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Crap I have to clean my bedroom too??? I don't think I've vacuumed up there in 6 months...
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Thanks Bean bean! Millie is short for Millicent Ruth. Mildred is my grandma's name and we want to honor her. Her nickname is Millie and she does not really like Mildred so we did not feel committed to that. My mother's name is Ruth and she is so excited that we are naming baby after her mother she does not even realize that the middle name will be after her. She will be at the birth and likely freak out when we tell her So fun!!
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Originally Posted by Sleepymama
Crap I have to clean my bedroom too??? I don't think I've vacuumed up there in 6 months...

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Lot's of new energy and I am taking full advantage of it. Wednesday my best friend came over and helped me clean out our spare bedroom that was stacked with stuff about 3 ft. high. That felt so good and looked so great I was enspired and was able to tackle Bre's room the next day. Now every room in my house including the bathrooms looks and smells good. Ofcourse the closets are a whole nother ball game but we will get to those eventually then we will have to have a garage sale.

My 36 week home visit with my MW on Wed went great. still measuring a week smaller and she gueses baby is right under 6lb. I just laughed. Both of my girls have been big so either she is way wrong or I will go overdue for the first time just long enough to cook up a 9 or 10 pounder. I feel way too good to be having this baby anytime soon.
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My best friend got us a one time maid service for Christmas. The house isnt bad, but we're gonna have the maid service clean for us. It'll be so nice!!! We'll just prop our feet up and let her do it all.
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Wow, boobiemama, you do sound ready! I wish I was that ready!

I am almost 36 weeks, we just picked up the birth kit stuff today. I have pulled out the box of dd 0-6mo clothes but have not washed or gone through it. And dh started building the shelves for dd's clothes. That was our 1 big project, dd's room has a fairly big closet so we are building shelves in there that will hold tubs for her clothes so baby can have the dresser/changing table. That is it really though. I feel like there is still a fair amount to do but I am no longer stressed about it. Dd was late, so I guess I just still feel like I have time.
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