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Electric hard floor cleaner?

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Anyone have one? Any thoughts? I would use it mostly on the kitchen floor and on some hard wood as well.

I am thinking I *might* be more inclined to vaccum/wash if it is all in one, and I dont have to get on my hands and knees.

Thinking about the Hoover 3030 model - with spinner/scrubbers...
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I don't currently have one. I had the Hoover Floormate after a lot of good recommendations and I hated it. I didn't have the one with the spinning brushes, though. I've heard some good things about other hard floor machines. I think the Bissell Flip-It has gotten good reviews. Good Luck! I want another machine, too. Too many floors to sweep, mop, and dry (because I cannot stand those streaks that mopping leaves behind on hardwood!)
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I am still looking for a good one, and I keep going back to the Hoover floor mate (3030 model) with the spinners...something about it is "calling me", LOL.
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I have the Hoover Floormate and LOVE IT . and I am a hands and knee floor washer. I put off buying it forever beacuse I just couldn't spend that much on something to wash my floor but now that I have it wonder what was wrong with me. I've never had a cleaner kitchen floor its amazing!! It also can be used vaccum but I only use it to wash so that I don't have to spend the cash on antoher filter. I also cut the cleaner amount in half and STILL get the cleanest floors ever.

My knees thank me everyday .
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I was just getting out the toothbrush to wash my floor!! I love clean, eat-off-able floors!

I am so just going to go buy one today!!

Thanks camotyka!
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i just donated my hoover floormate to goodwill. i much prefer a good ole mop.
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we have hardwood floors everywhere, save for tiles in bathrooms (dh and I don't like carpets for their unsanitary and allergy inducing features); I hate noise and heavy machines (namely vacuums), and so I have a dry swifter, wet swifter and the Swifter-type duster. I love them and my floors are always really really clean 'cos I love cleaning with these.
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I could've posted this exact question....I looked into the Bissell Flip-It as a lower cost alternative to the Hoover and read nothing but negative reviews, particularly about the strength of the vacuum. I also have Swifer - the original with wet and dry cloths and the Wet Jet. Can't say I love either of them. They're okay for a quick clean here and there but I still don't feel like my floors are *really* clean. I've replaced the Swiffer cleaner in the WetJet with my own cleaner because I can't stand the smell and dh got a headache the other night when I quickly pulled out my Swiffer original with wet cloths.
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