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I don't have a lot of time, so I'll just respond to the basic points.

DD is not in preschool, one is 7mths, one is 9yrs. DD is homeschooled now because of problems with her school here. (which so far is a nightmare, but that's for a different thread)

Going off the diet is not an option for me. Meds have horrible side effects. Including, if I stop eating this way I gain about 15lbs a MONTH! How can being unhealthy be better for my family???

No, we do not qualify any longer for medical insurance. We did until DH got a job. Even though his current job doesn't offer ANY benefits.

I understand that everyone has different priorities. But IMO to suggest going off a diet that has made someone much healthier is ridiculous.
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Oh, I got a couple chilcken books from the library the other day... it looks a lot more complicated and expensive than I was thinking. But I'm not giving up the idea yet.

I think I will need some good rabbit recipes. Especially if there are any that mask the taste of rabbit. DD would have a fit if she knew she was eating bunny... she's exceptionally sensitive.
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Absolutely any recipe that calls for chicken can be used for rabbit. You may just have to cook it a little more slowly if it's wild rabbit. Oh, and I prefer to cook it w/lots of liquid, since it's not very fatty. That will keep it from drying out.

Really, the chickens are not that complicated or involved at all. The books will make it seem like it, though. As long as you have a secure coop (just big enough for them to fit nicely on a roost (which can be made from a tree branch or sapling, and put it about 18" from the ground for small breeds and 2' for large breeds), and have room to jump down in the morning. Make sure there is a good latch, and plenty of ventilation (which can be coverd w/a tarp or plastic, or whatever in bad weather) so amonia smells don't build up and make them sick. You can use shredded newspaper to absorb waste, if you can't afford hay or pine shavings. Just change it out often so they don't get sick. If you keep them well ventilated, fed, watered, and sheltered from the rain/wind, and keep the coop clean, you will have an easy time of raising them. Feed the laying hens a laying mash ration (crumbles are best, rather than pellets, imo), and if you have any roosters, all they need is whatever you are feeding the hens. In the winter, give them half laying ration, and half scratch grains to help them stay warmer (carbs). Other than that, feed your veggie scraps (after you use them for making stock!), leftover beans, whatever--just no raw potato skins or meats), and they will be happy! And you can install (for way cheap!) a regular floodlight to increase their winter laying (stimultes them like daylight would), and/or put in a heat lamp for cold nights (if they spend their energy keeping warm, they will not always have enough for laying eggs).
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See Chicky2, you make it sound so simple and worth it!
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LOL, it is!!!

Feel free to email me privately w/any ?s, or just post 'em here! I'm excited for ya! Raising your own food is soooo fun, healthy and educational!

I'm having fun looking thru the McMurray catalog at different breeds. We have an incubator and 2 brooders, and plenty of space, so we'll be starting our own. I will do both chicks and keats in the incubator, plus order a bunch of chicks 'cause I have a hard time waiting for hatching, lol! We are securing things better so we don't have any dog attacks! I was sooo upset when the strays got 30 of my chickens in 2 different attacks.

Btw, you will be amazed at how tame chickens can be. You will come to really love watching them and their different personalities. Ours will roost on our arms while we pet them.

I'm thinking of trying my hand at ducks this year, too. Suppose to be some great meat, and easy and cheap to raise!

oh, and my email is theherbmama3@earthlink.net
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