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I have shooting pains in my right breast- mostly when I lean over. I don't have any other symptoms- no lumps, no hot spots, no red spots, etc. I have tried hot shower, massage, and nursing frequently.

1. What is this? Mastitis?

2. What else can I do?
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I've heard that thrush can cause shooting pains.
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Sounds like thursh. Do you know how to treat it? check this forum, there are lots of threads/links.
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And here I thought no one else cared...

Whatever it was it stopped hurting the next day. Thank goodness because I was starting to wonder how to care for 2 babies alone with that pain.

Thanks for your help!!!
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I'd keep an eye out for white patches in the twins' mouths. Or a diaper rash that has little red bumps. If you see either of those, you've given the babies thrush.
There are lots of things you can do to treat it.
Dr. Sears Thrush Info

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Oh, I care, all right!

A little pet peeve I have is people starting threads in bfing with cryptic subject headers. It might help if they would put something abt the problem in the header. Like , instead of "help!," you might put, "shooting pain in breast." Maybe you would get more response from women who have BTDT.

Glad the pain went away. It could've been a touch of thrush that just righted itself. You may want to take acidophilus daily anyway, just in case it isn't really gone.
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Next time I'll be more specific. I was intending the Help to read: Urgent! Next time I'll say Urgent: pain in breast! or something like that.
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