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Ideas about bf while in the car

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yes, yes, we have discussed this before but I had a thought.
The other day, dp, dd and I were making our way taking care of some errands in the car. We had just picked up dd from nana and pa's casa. I had expressed some milk for the couple hour sit with her and she didn't finish her bottle there. (I don't think it is nessesary for a mama to put her milk in a bottle for mama to feed. ) But while we wre driving, dd started signaling to me she was hungry. dp suggested I try and give her the bottle. I sit in the back seat with her. That little one took the bottle and drank all the milk!! i could not belive she took a bottle from me. Everyone has told me this is rare for babies. I must say I was a little surprised. My breasts were a little blue to miss out on a feeding. I always get a little jealous when dd feeds without me. She is two months and quite the little survivor!!
This opened up an idea of pumping while traveling. (what a sight to onlookers, huh!!!) To make sure the bottle is warm I will just pump when dd signals to me that she is hungry. It is a good idea because it worried me that some moms unbuckle baby or themselves to feed while they were traveling. Of coarse, pulling over is also an option but if you don't have to....
I wanted to share this happening.
oh, mothering is full of adventures and the smallest thing can brighten your day!!!!!!
Cheers to small things that coo.
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Sounds like a plan, esp. if your dd, like my ds, hates the carseat! Anything to keep them happy.....

And I love your daughter's name! It's beautiful.
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We make a lot of long trips to visit in-laws out of state. I used the Pump in Style to pump during the trips, too. I would do one side at a time so I could pump and read at the same time, LOL. Also, this was a little more discreet. Then I could feed DD in carseat when she got hungry. The Healthflow bottles that are tilted work good for giving a bottle of EBM in the vehicle.

Happy traveling,


Mommy to two DDs, 1 1/2 and 3 1/2
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I suppose hand expression would work as well if you forgot your pump. I just lean over and nurse ds while he's in his carseat. But then, I'm not the one driving.
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