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Desperate for help weaning a nightnurser

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I have been weaning my 22mo old for the last 12 months! My current situation is that he associates sleeping w/nursing. He wants to nurse down and starts at 7pm and goes off and on till he falls asleepat about 8:15pm, he then wakes 2-3x/night to nurse. We have a family bed which I didn't mind except now he insists that my side of the bed is " His Bed!" so I end up at the bottom half of the bed. I committed to nursing for a year and that has turned into almost 2. I feel that my medical professionals never really explained how to wean and when to start, and I thought I had the hang of it but I am stuck on the final stage. Does anyone have any sound advice? By the way he throws fits everytime Daddy tries to put him to bed!:
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My son is only 6 months, so I'm not there yet, but I think there's a lot of practical advice on these boards, if you run a search. Also check out the Extended Breastfeeding forum for lots of advice on weaning.

Have you read Elizabeth Pantley's book The No-Cry Sleep Solution? or Jay Gordon's book Good Nights? Both advocate gentle techniques for getting your baby to sleep without nursing. Gordon's book in particular has a gentle nightweaning plan.

For weaning in general, there's Kathleen Huggins' book on The Nursing Mother's Guide to Weaning.

I don't know that "medical professionals" are the ones to tell you how to wean - most doctors and nurses don't have a clue about breastfeeding!

22 months is great - good job!

And welcome to MDC, I hope you find the help and support you need here.
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Since my boy was old enough to express his opinion on the bed, I've been letting him know that the bed is MINE, not his, even though we co-slept. I get the most comfy parts. I get the best part of the pillow. He does not get to bring all of his toys into MY bed. Even dh knows that it's my bed. Call me possessive. I give all of myself to my child. He doesn't need my bed too.
Now that ds is 3, he has a toddler bed in our room, which is His bed. He can still come up with us, but usually ends up back in his own bed, because there is also a 7 mo old baby in the bed.

For nightweaning, do a search in this forum. Also try Dr. Jay Gordon's website. A lot of folks do some version of what he suggests for nightweaning. I think it is www.drjaygordon.com
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