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Poll Results: What month were you married in?

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  • 5% (12)
  • 4% (10)
  • 8% (19)
  • 9% (20)
  • 12% (26)
  • 12% (26)
  • 11% (24)
  • 13% (28)
  • 6% (14)
  • 8% (18)
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I love autumn.
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October here
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August 11th,1985
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We got married smack in the middle of July b/c we were both in grad school and I wanted enough time after school was over in May to finish the last minute details but enough time before school started back the last week of August that we could settle into married life..It worked out great!!! What a wonderful summer that was!! Almost 6 years ago now!
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Another October here. The leaves were just starting to turn.....so pretty

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May. I wanted to get married during the sign of Taurus. (Stable, faithful, steadfast, predictable ...) Of course, both dh and I have birthdays in May too!
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December in Las Vegas...it was sooo fun!
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June, and it felt so cliche! Nearly everybody I know got married in June. May and August seem to be the runners-up among our crowd. I never wanted to be a June bride, I always thought October would be lovely - Oct in central VA is gorgeous - clear blue skies, crisp but not cold, beautiful leaves - but alas, that didn't work with DH's academic schedule, so June it was!

December would also be lovely, pointsettias and evergreen boughs...
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January 13 (a Friday ), 1995. We eloped, just had our best friends at the wedding, and that was the only day that my best friend could make it. We figured, why not?? it's been our lucky number ever since.

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November 7th

We really wanted to get married on halloween, but dh's church wouldn't let us. : He was catholic back in those days, I turned him to the darkside. JK

I love these kind of threads, I don't know why. Probably because I'm really nosy.
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Ours is 9-8-89. Cool date, huh? Only thing is I'm mad that I didn't wait for my brother to be there. We had the date planned, and then my brother decided to leave state to attend college, and had to be there a week before I got married, so he wasn't there. It was a bummer. I ended up not going to his because it was planned before their school was to restart, which was the same day as my new job started in a different state, so I couldn't attend. But we have both attended our other siblings weddings together.

In my family (big family!), they are as follows:
8-31-68 (parents)
8-13-93 (brother)
1-2-96 (brother)
10-15-93 (sister)
3-9-96 (sister)
5-5-01 (brother)
4-29-05 (brother)
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September 2nd.

Boo yah.
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August is the new June.

I chose August but I have also previously been married in September. Of all my married siblings, I think they were all in September. (4 of them)

Last year (2005) I went to three weddings (that I can remember right now anyway). Two were in April, and the other was in August, it was my anniversary actually.
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DH & me - May

Of my immediate family:
parents - June
sister - December
sister - March
sister - August/October
sister - September
brother - October
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Originally Posted by NB Mom
September 11, 1999.

We almost picked that date. We ended up opting for October 16th, 1999 instead
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