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Baby Games/Activities!

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Hi everyone! I am a SAHM with an almost 5 month old boy and I am loosing ideas of fun activities/games to play with him! I have done the commons ones of grabbing objects, music, talking, making faces, and flipping...

I need more activities to do with him at home! Any suggestions?
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Can I ask why you only want activities for home? Why not get out? Maybe there is a moms group you could join. Moms Club International and Holistic Moms Network are both great organizations you could google to see if they have chapters near you. La Leche League is great, too. There might be yahoo groups in your area. The community college may have a coop preschool group for babes or there may be something at a local church.

When my dd was five months, I made it a point to get out of the house daily. I joined two mama groups. Sometimes I even just went window shopping just to get out. I love my babe endlessly, but there is only so much baby fun you can do before you need a little different kind of stimulation. It was fun for her, too, to get out and make friends. We still play with two of the boys from those early mommy group days. (she is now 33 mos)

If you really want activities for home, try infant massage. You could most likely get a book or dvd or video from your library or there are directions online if you google it. Or, take a bath and just play in the water. Or, read stories. Or, bundle him up and go for a walk. Let him interact with nature. This was my babe's fave activity at five mos. Or, you might go to the library and ask the librarian to help you find books about games and activities for babies. They are out there but a librarian could help you find them quickly and easily. I used to read a lot when my babe was napping in my lap.

Hope this is helpful.
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Is he sitting by himself yet? My kids both enjoyed water play once they could sit in the tub in an inch of water. Splashing, trying to pick up a floating ball, sucking on the wash cloth... good fun!
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thanks for the ideas! i would definitely go out if its not freezing and windy! the thing is...i don't have a car so i'm stuck at home for most of the time on weekdays while dh is working.
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i'm definitely gonna try the water fun in the tub once he can sit up!
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here are two websites I like:

But I think really the goal at this age is to love them and be there for them...they aren't up for much.

Reading is the best thing you can do with them I think.

Or I suppose now that I think about it...how about playing in shaving cream (buy some sensitive skin barbazol and obviously stay with her) or corn meal or play dough- just experienceing different sensations.
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There is a great book called Itsy Bitsy Yoga with lots of exercises to do with babies up to age 2. I wish I had found it when my dd was younger! Also at that age (and still) she loved anything to do with music.
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Bubbles. Books. Lots of books. Have you tried any mommy and me exercise videos? My son is nine months and we still do some of the exercises.
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There is a great series of books by Jackie Silberg called Games To Play With Babies. She also has Games to play with toddlers, and Games to play with 2 year olds. I found these to be great sources of inspiration both when my ds was little and when I was a toddler teacher.

Good Luck
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One of our favorite games at that age was Mama in the Middle (I have twins, but it would work with one, too!). We'd like on our backs on the floor, and I'd put a big, but soft, ball or stuffed animal on/between my feet and hoist it in the air. Sometimes I'd bounce it a little, or sometimes we'd count to three and then let it fall down on top of us. Just sticking our hands and feet in the air and then shaking them all around was fun, too, as was reading books in the air while being in this position. I think it made the babies feel better about spending so much time on their backs.

I'm also a fan of "Comin' to Get Ya," where I'd put the baby on one side of the room and slowly crawl over on my hands and knees while saying with great anticipation, "I'm comin' to get ya!" Once you get to him, lots of tickles and giggles finish the show.

The only down side I found to these and other games at that age was they typically only provided a few minutes' distraction at a time.
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The Fisher-Price website has a huge selection of games & activites you can do with your baby & young child, divided by age. And these don't involve F-P toys, either -- just you and the baby and maybe some household items. This link is for 3-6-month-olds but they have suggestions for all the way up to age 6.

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Thanks for the ideas Moms!

I love the websites! They are very helpful
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We got a mom and baby yoga DVD from the library.
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our favorite games right now (okay his) are crawlingn on the floor adn tickles. I usually do the comign to get ya game as well.

mostly though he likes to play by himself. *shrugs* what can ya do?! sometimes he lets me play with his alphabet board w/him.
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