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sugar sensitivity?

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Starting yesterday, the few times I've had sugar I have felt really weird afterwards. I didn't have a lot of sugar but each time it felt as though I'd eaten an entire box of cookies. Kind of speedy/jumpy and just strange (in a hard to explain kind of way). I called my doc because I was worried about it. She didn't say much but didn't seem concerned. She just told me to avoid sugar because my insulin levels are fluctuating during pregnancy. I will definately avoid sugar (although it's hard) but I'm still worried. I've heard of gestational diabetes and I looked it up online, but my symptoms aren't as severe as the ones I saw listed. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?
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I've had this problem throughout this pregnancy. I've been working on weaning off sugar for the past year, I've been a total addict my entire life. So, I can normally handly large amounts of sugar (I used to eat a half a pack of double-stuff oreos and 1/4 gallon of ice cream EVERY day). I'm pretty in-tune to how sugar affects me normally. With this pregnancy though, I can't get halfway through a bowl of cereal before my heart starts racing and my stomach inflates and I feel like I just wanna curl up and sleep. I'm hoping to take advnatage of this and get sugar out of my system by the time the baby is born so that the cravings won't come back. Though I'm sad to say its not going perfectly... Dh bought me ding dongs last night (craved them for a month!)... mmmmmm.... baaaaaaad...
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