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Is kefir considered a probiotic or a prebiotic?
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Originally Posted by chlobo
Is kefir considered a probiotic or a prebiotic?
Probiotic - though totally different than yogurt. Both are very good for you, but store-bought varieties don't give you nearly what you get from home-cultured.
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Is there a "prebiotic" that is similar to yogurt? Or is the best way to get it through a supplement?
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Originally Posted by chlobo
Is there a "prebiotic" that is similar to yogurt? Or is the best way to get it through a supplement?
Prebiotic info I think it's the Jarro Dophilus in my fridge that come with FOS - which is basically the prebiotic and probiotic in one.
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thanks for the info.
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We get our CLO from 4radiantlife.com.
I have cut-n-paste a blurb from the site below which I think useful:

"This pure U.S.P. premium grade cod liver oil is extracted from the world-famous, healthy cod fish from the deep, unpolluted oceans in the north of Norway. Collected from the oil with the heaviest molecular weight that settles to the bottom of the barrel, it has more than twice the nutrients per serving of other cod liver oils. Produced without harmful solvents, deodorants or bleaches; only vitamin E has been added as a preservative. This oil is nitrogen flushed to prevent rancidity and is kept at cool temperatures before shipping to avoid spoilage. Tastes very mild! Regularly tested for mercury, PCBs, and other toxicity, this oil is free of any toxins. "
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I wanted to add The Crazy Makers: How the Food Industry Is Destroying Our Brains and Harming Our Children to list of good reads preconception. The author talks a lot about brain development and is very pro-breastfeeding.
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fabulous thread!
I'm 11 weeks pg now and I've been feeling horrible for the most part, probably cuz I am/was stuck on a "good" cup of cappucino every morning to get me through the day. The funny thing is, my 22 mo dd has eczema and asthma and I do EVERYTHING for her nutritionally, spend all my energy on making good meals for her. Then I have nothing left for me and I end up eating generic foods. Bad me! It's so hard sometimes to take care of a toddler single-handedly and then shop, cook, eat, clean, etc.
I'll try to get better with it now.
Thanks for kick starting my self-care here!

Has anyone every tried Seabuckthorn seed oil??? It's suppsoed to have very good Omega oils (3,6,9).
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Cenote, Sorry about your miscarriage. Sounds like a HORRIBLE experience! I got this book called Fit to Deliver. At the back it contains exercise and dietary regimens for pre-conception -- wish I'd known!
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SPIRULINA: What's that for?

ACIDOPHOLIS: I have taken this as a remedy for diarrhea. At the moment (early pregnancy) constipation is a bigger problem for me, for which I am taking psyllium. Should I take acidopholus in addition, and if so, what's it supposed to do?
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SELENIUM: what's that for?
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Thanks to you all of you who have so thoughtfully contributed to this thread! What a fun read! I'm currently working on my pre-pregnancy nutrition so this is all very helpful.

As for the person who was asking about how to afford eating healthy, I just wanted to say that I have been there! It can seem impossible and scary. We all think that Walmart is the only way to survive on a budget, and I got into the trap of going there for all my groceries when we were saving up to buy a house. If you get a chance, you should check out the book The United States of Wal-Mart by John Dicker. Once you really understand how stores like this operate, you will realize that they are not the place to save money. They do a lot of underhanded things that trick you into putting unplanned items that you suddenly think you've got to have into your cart. The environment is those stores is so stressful (who can get in an out of one of them in less than hour? or without spending at least $100??). Also, they brainwash you with their "low prices always" crap to the point you feel absolutely sure that they have lower prices than anywhere else, when in fact if you shop around, you would find that they often just have a few highly visible products that are really cheap, but many items you put in your cart can be found cheaper elsewhere.

But enough about them... I now shop at my local health food store exclusively. A lot of people will ask how can anyone afford to shop there. But the crazy thing is, if you buy out of there bulk bins, you can buy healthy, organic foods cheaper than unhealthy generics at other stores. Dried beans and grains (like barley, rice, whole grain flours, etc) are so incredibly cheap, and all you have to do is go home and add some water to get a nice meal started. I'm not a vegetarian, but I when I eat meat, I like it to be really healthy, so I might buy just one whole chicken a week for like $12/5lb., but from that I can make 1 gallon of organic chicken broth that I then freeze for soup (a gallon of organic broth is way more than $12 at most stores), I cut a few pieces off the chicken before I boil the broth and fry those for a night of fried chicken. Then when the broth is done, I remove all the boiled chicken and use the little pieces in soup, and the big pieces for chicken sandwiches - many meals can come from one chicken. In addition we get protein from dried beans and farm fresh eggs - two cheap protein sources.

Also, I make yogurt at home just using a cheap $15 yogurt maker, I buy organic milk and make yogurt that is cheaper than the gross generic stuff and way healthier. Also, something my husband and I have found is that nutrient rich foods fill you up faster, so you eat less, and the food lasts longer. We use to buy two loaves of cheap bread a week, now I buy one loaf of Ezekiel sprouted bread and keep in the fridge and we eat off of it for weeks. We can only eat one slice at time because it is so filling. Same goes for high quality goats cheese we get from a local source - it's expensive but a little bit adds a ton of flavor - 6 ounces sometimes lasts us 2 or more weeks.

I guess to summarize YOU CAN afford to eat healthier foods on a budget if you can prepare food from scratch at home using bulk items and nutrient dense foods that fill you up fast. (And don't forget the savings you can find on fresh local veggies all summer long at your local farmers market or through a CSA).
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: : :
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because this thread has so much great info.
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I just saw this as Isabel bumped it. I just kind of skimmed (I'm not TTC any time soon!) but I've recently come across some really REALLY wonderful info for mamas who suffered from Morning Sickness or hyperemisis (HG) in other pregnancies or dealing with current liver / gallbladder issues.

The information & success stories look SO good & I'm helping my SIL with current 2nd trimester nausea.

I came women swearing by Milk Thistle for battling M/S It's used 2 months+ before conception & then through the 1st trimester or nausea ends. Here is the program according to Shonda Barker, Naturally Healthy Pregnancy (this is a wonderful book with great info and the author presents it in a very faith based format:
If morning sickness was a problem during a previous pregnancy, milk thistle extrat (standarized to contian at least 70% silymarin) is of great benefit to aid the liver's functions. Recommened amount: 280 mg per day. Dandelion is a gentler liver stimulant if a milder liver tonic is desired.
The Milk Thistle preconception seems to be the most important time to take it, and then continue during pregnancy. I'll just add that during pregnancy info, since the borrowed book is in front of me right now.

I have tried many remedies during my pregnancies - some have worked well, some worked a little, others worked not at all. I had hyperemesis gravidum (vomitting repeatedly, unable to hold anything down) with my eldest child which was medically treated... With my fourth child, I had no morning sickness whatsoever...
I have come to believe through my own experience and the experience of others that the root of the problem for many women is inadequate liver support during a period of greater demands on this vital organ. If moms begin preparing their bodies for pregnancy prior to conception they will have a better chance of avoiding morning sickness (as well as other factors).
(lists morning sickness recommendations)
2. I have found milk thistle (standardized to contain at least 70% - 80% silymarin) to be invaluable in preventing morning sickness. I began taking 2 tablets each day two months prior to this pregnancy and increased to 3 tablets daily when our pregnancy was confirmed. Milk thistle is liver supportive and protective. I feel this is why it worked so well to prevent the nausea and vomiting I have had with every other pregnancy. This would be especially helpful for those mom who vommit bile during pregnancy.

From her website:
Morning Sickness
Q.I just wanted to let you know that I am at the beginning of my 7th pregnancy...the 6th one that has gotten a good start....and for the very first time have not experienced the horrible morning sickness and exhaustion that I have with all the others! I believe it is the mercy and blessing of God through the advice that you offer...Entrox, Milk thistle Phytosome and AbsorbAid three times a day with meals along with a good prenatal and calcium. I'm still in total amazement and awe! I only hoped it would really work, but was skeptical until now! I have a friend who tried this as well with her 5th pregnancy with the same astounding results!!! WOW! I can't tell you how grateful I am to be able to be a "normal" mommy to my other children while carrying a new babe!! I had asked many months ago about a different source for the Milk Thistle Phytosome by Natural Factors as well as the Entrox...because I could not obtain those locally. I did find a source for Entrox by NOW that does not have any added Vitamin E. (just an FYI) Also, Enzymatic Therapy makes a Silybin Phytosome that I think is very similar if not the same as the milk thistle phytosome you recommend...and there are a few web sites that sell this brand. I bought mine from Vitamin Shoppe. The NOW Entrox I bought through BetterLife.com. Anyway, just thought I'd let you know so if you have opportunity to pass it along to other moms weary of morning sickness....again, I so appreciate your help! You are an angel! I hope you are thoroughly enjoying your new babe. love, Natalie

A. Natalie, I’m thrilled to hear of other mothers benefiting as I did from these three supplements during early pregnancy “sick” times. May God be praised!
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Is there any safe detox while breastfeeding?
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Originally Posted by AngelBee View Post
Is there any safe detox while breastfeeding?

I went to a Naturopath postpardum last year. And, she works with a detoxing process that shoves toxins out using the digestive system. I could not believe the difference it made for me! It helped heal my immune system, before my liver (located just below your right rib) was enlarged and it healed, my energy was so low (but I didn't really notice until it started picking up again!), I had no more headaches.

The other thing, if you want to dextox your liver, you can safely detox while breastfeeding using Milk Thistle & Dandelion. You'd do the rec's in my post just above your post. It's more of a gentle way to clean the house.

AngelBee, Mylee is ADORABLE!!!! Soooo tiny! I really recommend a cleanse. It got me out of my funk.
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