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Giant growth spurt!?!?

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I'm thinking I'm going through a GIGANTIC growth spurt or something. I've had those stretching/pulling aches that resemble O pains, and my upper thighs are KILLING me in spurts throughout the day, along with my pelvis and sacral region. Pressure and a growing baby aren't a comfy combination, that's for sure!!
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I was having a hard time with pain in my pelivis, hips and thighs and my mw suggested taking calcium and magnisum. I have done that for 3 days now, and while it is not gone, it is oh so much better. I would highly recomend giving it a try, it can't hurt right?

I hope you are feeling better soon!
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Thanks! I'll have to try some extra mag. I'm already taking a huge calcium supplement (I don't drink milk or eat yogurt or anything, so I don't get much in my diet), though.
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I think I had a growth spurt yesterday cuz today has been a bad day..
I feel HUGE!
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