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Went to emergency room last night...

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...but not regarding baby - I managed to slice my thumb up and need 4 stitches! I was irritated that my knives weren't sharp, so sharpened one and started making dinner. I was tired, back hurt so bad, and I just wasn't paying attention. My mind was elsewhere and my thumb got mistaken for part of a portabello mushroom....

I'll tell you what, I have had a natural childbirth before, and I'm sure the amnesiac hormones my body released deleted a lot of the reality from my brain, but I swear the pain I felt last night right after I cut myself was the worst I've ever felt. I screeched so loud my DH came running, and he's usually more the "saunter" type!

When I walked into the ER, the woman at the desk looked at me, picked up the phone and said, "I'll have them come get you." I said, "I'm not in labor, I cut myself." I guess my humongous belly aptly drew her attention from the bloody towel wrapped around my thumb.

I'm glad everything will be fine, but am actually pretty upset. I was trying SO hard to have everything perfectly in order for the birth, to not get sick, etc., and then I go and slice and dice myself. Oh well, it'll be funny in retrospect, right?

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Well I am glad you are ok--well other than a thumb that is probably throbing and in pain! Is it your dominant hand? I hope you feel better soon!

I used to work in a kitchen and we always had the most people cut themselves right after the knives were sharpened. You just get so used to using a dull knife and then suddenly slicing is a little to easy!
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: Glad to hear that you are okay, Carol. :
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Ouch! Hope it heals up quick!
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Yes, it was thankfully my non-dominant hand. Still, it's amazing how much you need both hands/thumbs to do stuff! But at least now I have a good excuse to not fix dinner, clean, etc. for a while....
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You poor thing!! I hope it heels quickly. I bet it still hurts...
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Oh Carol, that just sucks! Did you end up needing stitches?

I know just what you mean about trying to make sure everything is perfect for your homebirth - I'm right there with you. I am desparately trying to avoid any of us (me, DH, DS) getting a cold/sick again before the birth. I'm sure it will hit us either the day before of the day after LOL

Feel better soon!
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I have to admit when I first saw your message I thought it was because of the baby that you went to the ER and was relieved to see it was because you cut yourself! Sorry!! I hope you heal quickly!! I cut myself while pregnant while cutting a bagel one morning. Dh took me to the dr and he taped it shut, but it hurt SOOOO much!! I feel for you!
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I'm so sorry--that really stinks! I was also glad to see it wasn't baby related, though... what a pain, nonetheless! :-(
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Ouch! I'm sorry you had to go through that! I won a trip to the ER a few months ago with a sprained ankle (didn't know if it was sprained or broken), and yes, it sucks.

I remember in my high school English class, we read a poem by... Emily Dickenson I think, about her cutting her thumb. Only a poet... =)

Take care!
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Yikes! Glad that you are okay but i can totally understand how you feel. My husband is looking sick today and i just hope i don't catch whatever it is. Not to mention i really need him well for the birth. When he is sick he behaves like he is near death.

All of my knives are very dull. I am horrible with sharp knives, it never fails i cut myself. I have had so many accidents that my family all jokes with me about not sharpening my knives.

My father has super sharp knives and my mom sliced off the top of one of her fingers using them. It could not be re-attached and she spent almost a year trying to recover. Everytime it bumped anything it was like starting over with a new wound.

Take care of yourself and take it from me dull knives are not so bad, eventually you get over the frustration of almost smashing tomatoes.
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So glad you are ok. Pretty funny about the emergency room nurse though. Hope it heels quickly so you can use that hand when little bean arrives.
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