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A cold now?? (vent)

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This bites! Here I was feeling uncomfortable, tired, and all the other last month of pregnancy stuff and here I go and get this awful cold! Mostly it is just complete exhaustion and this awful hacking cough! But it is made worse by the fact that at times when coughing I leak urine, and when I really get going I end up throwing up. : I am taking lots of Vit C and staying super hydrated so hopefully that will help. It just sucks in the mean time, especially since I am still trying to work.
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Yuck, that stinks! Have you ever tried Umcka? It's a homeopathic remedy you can get at the HFS that's supposed to reduce duration of colds. It seems like it does my DD good when she takes it.

I hope you're better VERY soon!

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I have a hideous cold too--as it is I can't breathe with this baby pushing on my lungs, congestion is really the last thing I need...Maybe it's a prelabor sign I try to convince myself that everything is!
Hope you feel better soon
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