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Hey guys

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Hey everyone my name is Kaci and i'm due Feb 18. (one day after by hubbys b-day!!!) I have a couple of questions for everyone allthough they might sound odd lol.. My husband just left on a 3 month deployment (he is on a Sub in the Navy) well he was supose to help me trim up my pubic hairs (yes iknow sounds funny) but we forgot and i cant see down there! I was wondering if anyone else is embarrassed about it as me? I'm sure when i'm actually in labor i'll completly forget about it completly but i have to take my Groub B test next week ...Please tell me i'm not weird! But other than that have any of your babies dropped? Mine is so low and has been the whole time that my pelvis is just slowly breaking! Its the most painful thing i've ever gone through!
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Yeah I hear you with the trimming down there.. Last time I tried this on my own I cut myself so bad. Ugh! I can't see it, I know I do the worst job ever.... but, I guess if I can't see it, I forget about it. I got my GBS yesterday, and didnt even think about it till you said something...

My baby was so high to begin with that everytime she drops I think "yay! She dropped" then she gets even lower.
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I did the trim, but very very very slowly since I can't see. Just kinda pulled the hair down and made sure the scisors weren't going to cut anything but hair.

Baby dropped a week ago. I didn't have this with DS, and decided I don't like it. Hips and thighs hurt, sleeping sucks, I sit like some fat old man, harldy attractive. But, it's progress, so I'll take it. =)

Welcome and good luck!
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