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How to treat fever in first trimester?

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I am between 9-10 weeks pregnant. I don't have a fever now, but there are some yucky things going around and my kids are sure to pick them up and bring them home. I have always wondered... what is the general guideline for fever and the first trimester? I don't normally like to use fever reducers, but for some reason I am thinking I heard that fever in the first trimester is harmful? Thanks for any information!
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Some doctors seem to think there is a link between pregnancy fevers and psychological disorders. I don't want to freak you out. But it would probably be a good idea to take a Tylenol if you do get a noticeable fever. I did read about this in one of my books, but online it was hard to find evidence. Some people recommend getting a flu shot. Some recommend just taking Tylenol. The main focus it seems is not the flu but the heat from the fever.

If anyone has some good links could they post them here? It was hard for me to find conclusive links.
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My midwives recommend regular strangth acetominophen (tylenol - 650 mg). They have always told me that the risks of the medication are less than the risks of fever. (They have a cutoff temp that they like you to takes meds for, but I can't remember off the top of my head).
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Try to focus on prevention now: Take Vitamin C (or drink OJ or eat oranges, etc.), eat really well (avoiding sugar, dairy, white flour products), and drink a lot of fluids. Take some echinaeca if you want. You can also have your kids follow these guidelines, so that hopefully they won't get sick and bring it home to you.

If you get a moderate to high fever (like 100 or higher) and need to take a Tylenol, that's fine. Don't take Advil, it is contraindicated in pregnancy. If you have a low fever or even a moderate one but still feel okay, trust your instincts on whether to take anything or not. A Tylenol here and there certaintly won't hurt your baby, but it's unlikely a moderate fever will either. Fever helps to burn out whatever bug you've contracted, so it's best to let it do it's job and not interfere, most of the time. Stay well!
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I'd like to add no Aspirin nor Aleve either.

Tylenol's safe -- the others are not.

I've read several different thigns in terms of the cut-off temp but the one I keep seeing is 101F. But in terms of safety for the baby, I think a good rule of thumb is anything over 100 is not so good in terms of water temp, body temp, etc., so I'd take Tylenol at that point if you had a fever.
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Is the risk just for the first trimester? With my 3rd child, I got the flu around 37 weeks. I ran fever for a few days and didn't take anything.
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