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I'm married to a restaurant manager. Need I say more??
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Mine is, but I'm not sure it's his choice. He works for a company that is contracted to work for the government and well, they're pathetic and can't get their act together. So that means projects that take 6 months to finish MUST be done in 1 month. Like right now. So they're all working overtime b/c the idiots didn't give them enough time. UGH...

He has an hour and 40 min. commute, leaves between 7:30-8:30 a.m. and gets home at 7:30 p.m. And he might have to work Saturday, again.... It sucks.. Thankfully the pay is really good.
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Mine is, of course the other side of that coin is he provides well and is driven. I was a workaholic before kids too.

What I talk to him about is keeping "being a good father" in his definition of "sucess" and being a good father means being there- not all the time but sometime.

We talk about it often.

If we could afford it I would do things to make his absenses easier like hire help. I do use my mom often for babysitting to help give me a break when it feels like I am a single parent.
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My dh is in his last year of grad school. I'm lucky in that the actual hours he puts in aren't too bad, but with a dissertation hanging over his head, I feel like work eats up a lot of his mental energy, even when he's home. He sets very high standards for himself and then uses his free time to feel guilty about not working, instead of letting himself really relax and just be happy.

We've been married for 9 years, through different jobs and grad school for both of us, and now that he's doing what he loves and we have a wonderful 6 month old dd and a great home, I just wish that he could let himself enjoy it all more. I really believe that happiness should be the primary meaure of success, but I think it's easy to get caught up in using careers, salaries, and comparisons with others to define ourselves.

Sorry if I sound negative, but I love him so much and wish he was more mentally present in enjoying our little girl and just living life with us.
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