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What "vaccine-available" diseases did you have when you were young?

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Okay, what diseases did you have when you were young? How old are you now and what were you vaccinated against?

I am 46+ years old. I have, right here next to me, my original vax record from my infancy (thanks, Mom, for not throwing out some things!):

2.5 months: DPT
3.5 months: DPT, Oral Polio
4.5 months: DPT, Oral Polio
Around 4 years: Oral Polio (I remember standing in line for the sugar cube. Yum!)
Around 5 years: Smallpox, the scar on my upper arm is barely there anymore.

That was it.

Illnesses I had as a child:

Scarlet Fever: No vax, of course, for this one. It swept through kids on the base where we were stationed. I was 2 years old. I asked my Mom, and she said I was pretty sick (not hospitalized) with a very high fever (she wrapped me in wet sheets to bring it down!). She said nobody died from it, nor did she remember anyone having any damage from it either.

Whooping Cough: Yup, in spite of the vax! Mom could never understand why this happened. Not until I learned more about vaccines (in the last few years!) was I able to explain how they are not (and were not) 100% effective.

Mumps: I was 4, and I caught it from my older brother (he had it easy, just slight swelling). I swelled up like I'd swallowed two grapefruit! I still remember I felt bad, but not so bad that that I couldn't still fight with my brother!

Rubella: Mild case, again, caught from my brother.

Chicken Pox: In Kindergarten, ITCHY, ITCHY, ITCHY with HUNDREDS of pox!!! There wasn't an area that wasn't dotted (even my eyelids!). But, Mom gave me a huge box of cotton pads and balls and a bottle of witch hazel she kept in the fridge and I could dab all I liked. Also, baths anytime I wanted with lots of oatmeal. The best part was no school and I could watch TV all day in Mom & Dad's bed!

Measles: Had them twice, the first in 2nd grade, and they were annoying, but not terrible, everyone had them over a period of several weeks. The second time was in 6th grade, 1971. I was the only kid in the whole school that had them! Funny thing, no notes were sent out warning the parents of my co-students of this dire disease. It was just accepted as something that would or would not happen! Home for two weeks (during a beautiful May) and I took my finals in geography in bed (on which I scored 100%!). Mom let me sit outside on the deck and, again, witch hazel helped. A friend of the family came over and put calamine all over me. My fever BAKED the stuff on and I had to take a hot shower to clean it off!

That's it. I survived these "deadly childhood illnesses" without being vaccinated for them. And, this was back when we were given baby aspirin automatically for fevers! ((I remember I prefered St. Joseph's over Bayer))
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chicken pox when I was two
Roseola as an infant
Pertussis when I was 15.
I wonder if I ever had the red measles, because both my kids have had it and I did not get it. Somehow, I just don't think the vax would have lasted long enough to offer some protection. Last MMR at 18 yrs -stupid college entrance requirements...
Vax's received: dtp, polio, mmr as an infant/toddler
dt, mmr as 18yo old. I don't know about any others
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I'm 25, fully (childhood) vaccinated, and had the chickenpox when I was 3. Mom actually sent me over to another kid's house to play with him so I would catch them on purpose (oh the horrors!). I remember baking soda baths and getting the game Candyland as a "reward" of sorts.
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I'm 35...I'm not sure what vaxes I received as an infant, but I'm sure that I would have gotten all of them, as my parents were confident they were doing the best thing by allowing us to be vaxed. I do remember getting my rubella shot in grade 6, as I still recall getting the green consent card signed and bringing it to school to give to the nurse.

So, I'm sure I received all of whatever was offered in the 1970s.

I had chicken pox at 7 or 8 years old. My brother caught it at the same time. I recall both of us home from school, lying in my mom's bed, watching TV and trying not to scratch our sores. And eating lots of ice cream.

I had whooping cough as a teenager. Just a bad cough (that seemed to last forever) and that was it.

Mumps around 10 years old. Home from school. Just the one side of my neck was really swollen.

Yeah, I survived all of these too...

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I am 32 and I'm pretty sure I've been fully vaxed, including the small pox vax. As a child I had chicken pox and measles.
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I'm 32, I had the DPT, probably polio, and the tuberculosis shot (it was still given at that time in Romania).
Diseases: measles (when I learned some crochet), chicken pox, probably mumps and rubella (for this I have the antibodies as checked during pregnancy). Maybe others too, I can't remember.
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grahamsmom98, I am a year older than you and I don't know what my vax schedule was, but I know for sure I didn't get any vaccinations as early as you did (born in the UK), even in 1990 the vax schedule in HK (based on UK schedule didn't begin them until 12 weeks at the earliest). But I assume they were similar ones. I do remember getting the oral polio on the sugar cube! It tasted yuck -- who were they kidding! I had the Rubella vax at 14, given out at school, even though I had already had it as a child. I also got the BCG shot around the same age, also at school. I had two doses of smallpox because the first would take, the second didn't really take either so I have the teeniest of scars. I was also dosed up on "Junior Asprin" as it was called in the UK. Orange flavored!

I have had measles, mumps rubella and an almost non existant case of chicken pox. No Scarlet Fever, I suspect I had Whooping Cough last winter.
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I had chickenpox. I'm 25 and my mom said I got the MMR and DTP.

My mom is 46 and wasn't vaxed at all, and had whooping cough, measles, mumps, and chicken pox, too! She was the fifth of 7 kids, and they were always passing stuff around I gathered. She said they all had whooping cough at the same time, can you imagine?
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I had chicken pox. I got to miss school for like two weeks because every time that they thought it was gone, there would be a new pox showing up. My mom was a stay at home mom, so she didn't have to miss any work. But me and my three sisters having it at the same time did drive her crazy. I don't remember it being a big deal at all, I would have rather had the cp over something like the tummy flu any day.
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The only one I had as a child was chicken pox at age 9. I was fully vaxed and will be 32 this year.
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I'm 23 and the only "VPD" I've had is chickenpox when I was 6 yrs old. No big deal. I have a few scars - including a very noticeable one in the middle of my forehead - but I don't remember feeling bad, only itchy. I know that most of my 1st grade class had it at around the same time. My younger brother caught it from me and my parents were glad about that.
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The only cp scar that I got is in the middle of my forehead too. But it's right next to a small mole, so it isn't very noticable.
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I think I had them all except whooping cough. But back then, in war torn Europe no one wrote it down when a little kids had anything so natural and expected.

But I do remember being sick and being proud of it and boasting about it in school - but all of us kids did that.

(I am 60 y. old)

I did have the OPV when the Americans came and forced it on us. And one or two other vaccines. I was at least 7y. when I got the first one and 15y. when I got one or two more. My mother doesn't know for sure and has changed her story a few times. (She's 84 and can't really remember.)

You would think I could remember but I don't know for sure either.
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The only VPD I've had is chicken pox, and I was an infant so don't even remember. My father in law had polio however, but he recovered completely. Apparently the paralytic type is/was pretty rare.

I live in the Seattle area, and Whooping Cough goes around quite a bit because we have a pretty high proportion of parents who choose either DT only or no DTaP.
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I was fully vaccinated for my age (31). I had chickenpox, took me 2 exposures to get it. Gotta love pox parties My mom really think some vaccine affected me. She noticed it throught my school work. One year I had no problem understanding some stuff and the next year I couldnt figure it out for the life of me.Twas very frusterating for me.

Dh was fully vaccinated for his age, 39. He got mumps, as did many of the people in their neighborhood. One guys dropped but he want on to father more children.

My mom was NEVER vaccinated per dr recomendation because of her heart condition. She said she had everything. She is 68. She is a very healthy woman, rarely ever gets sick.

I dont know about my Dad, Knowing my grandmother he was vaccinated for whatever they did back then.
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I had chicken pox in second grade. 1977.
oops...just gave my age....LOL
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I have no vax records but I am 41 and assume I was vaxed with OPV, smallpox (although I don't have a scar), and Measles. Did they do DTP back then? I have never had symptoms of a VPD although I am naturally immune to CP (was exposed many times through siblings and pox parties but never had any symptoms), mumps, rubella and, I guess, possibly measles (even though I had the vax). I recently had titres drawn for MMR.....that's how I know.
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I had vax for DTP, measles, mumps, rubella (I think they were separate - not MMR but I'm not sure - I'd have to look it up), polio (not the oral vax). (no hep b, hib, prevnar, chicken pox - they either did not exist or were not rec yet). I got chicken pox when I was 12 or 13 (mine was the worst case in the family since I am the oldest - my younger bro and sis only got mild cases, my other sis - closest in age to me got a little worse than them - mine was listed as more severe but it just lasted longer with more bumps and a very high fever).
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Chicken pox

Almost forgot about possible pertussis, but not confirmed. I had a "never ending cough" (as I called it) in college, which was diagnosed as bronchitis. My mother kept making go back to the doctor, but they just kept saying that it wasn't going away b/c I was a smoker.

Three months of coughing fits = bronchitis?
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Chickenpox. I have no idea when. I didn't think I had had it, but I had an antibody test 8 years ago and it showed that I was immune. I do have white dots (scars) on my arm. I never really thought about them, but now I think they are probably from when I had chickenpox. My mother doesn't recall me having it. I probably thought they were mosquito bites at the time.
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