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Pregnancy-induced hypertension - should I be worried?

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I have been having bad headaches and increasing swelling and my blood pressure has been creeping up so I went to the hospital to get checked today. I almost died of severe toxemia with my son so I wanted to take it seriously. My legs are pitting (you can push on it and it will leave a big indent for 10-15 minutes) and my hands and face are swelling. Anyways they took my blood pressure and it was 148/70. The 70 isn't bad but the 148 isn't good and that's about what it was when I took it yesterday at Walmart. My baseline blood pressure throughout the pregnancy has been about 118/68 so 148 is a huge jump. So they did a urine check and blood work and sent me for a NST (where they confirmed that yes I am having actually contractions STILL every 5-7 minutes as I have for the last 9 days but I am still only 1 cm dilated ) and everything looks okay. No protein in the urine and blood work was fine. The baby's heart rate looks good. When they had me lay on my side for 45 minutes and retook my blood pressure it was normal. I am still concerned though as are they. They sent me home with a wonderful little jug to do a 24 hour urine catch, starting tomorrow morning and want me to get my blood pressure checked at least once a day. I told them I don't have a blood pressure monitor or have access to one so I don't know if I'll be able to do that. Anyways they are wanting to see if the 24 hour urine catch shows any sign of protein. I am just scared because with my son I progressed VERY fast. I was fine, blood pressure was fine and then it started to creep up. I was very swollen (more than I am now) and my blood pressure was found to be 143/88 and some protein in the urine on January 16, 2001. I was admitted to hospital the next day because my reflexes were getting jumpy and blood pressure was still high. By the next day they had to do an emergency c-section to deliver him because my blood pressure was 180/110 and I was starting to go into seizures. Protein in my urine was extreme. So in 2 days I went from mildly ill to extremely ill. The doctor told me later that if they had waited another day we probably would have died. Anyways should I be concerned or should I just take the no protein in the urine as a good sign and just forget about it?
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Well, prior experience and being pregnant means "forget about it" might as well be forgotten about!
How much protein are you getting per day? Tracking that and making sure you're 80-100 grams can be an eye opener. Are you eating salt to taste? Please, please, please, do NOT restrict your salt. Parsley is supposed to help with swelling some.
http://www.gentlebirth.org/archives/pih.html has more ideas too.
http://www.blueribbonbaby.org/ has more on nutrition.
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My bp was steadily going up, and topped out at 156/96. I then was told to increase my protein, and salt, and I did. It steadily went down to a respectable number, and has stayed there since. I would definitely take it seriously, but you might try more protein if you aren't getting a lot.
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You should take it seriously because you know how it was before... but worrying about it wont help matters either. Stress can also cause your bp to sky rocket. Is there something on your mind that could be causing you to worry or be over anxious? Just relax take a bubble bath, a few extra naps and have the hubby give you a massage.

More than likely everything will work out just fine!!!
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I probably would be concerned, because of your history, but the fact that your bp was fine after lying on your side for 45 min does give some info. Did anyone suggest modified bedrest of any sort? I know with two kids that is probably somewhat impossible. Did you feel better after lying on your side?
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I'm suffering from PIH too. My bp has steadily increased over the last 2 weeks. It stays right around 140/94 unless I am laying on my left side. They have suggested bedrest for me every day immediately after work (and they may pull me out of work). From what I understand, the bottom number is the one they are MOST concerned about, although any significant jump can be a red flag. I am spilling protein into my urine and my labs look fine. They have done a NST on the baby and she too looks good. Given your history I'd just keep a close eye on everything.
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I would also try to relax and keep an eye on it. I had the same type of condition, HELLP syndrome, and we almost died too. I was supposed to relax(bedrest), and I was IMO,for the last three months of my pregnancy, but the doctor finally yelled at me and I told work it would have to be my last week. We had an employee meeting on a Monday night, and it was actually a surprise baby shower... Needless to say, I had my son four hours later, emergency c/s. It jumped up within a couple of hours.

Please take care of yourself and your little one,
Love Mary
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