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He's sleeping in the cosleeper!!!!

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My toddler, that is!
Since Max has been born, the poor little guy has been spending most nights in the bouncy seat on the floor (his reflux)- tried crib (2 ft away from ft of bed) & cosleeper next to me, but he wasn't comfortable- he had to be either up against me (which was impossible for me to sleep like that, w/ two of them wedging me so I couldn't move), or in the seat. i hated having my new baby on the floor! my toddler nightnurses so much, and there was simply no room for him and baby, and i just wanted to sleep, and i was getting desparate. (getting up & down w/ baby over & over, sam waking him up yelling for 'do'...) I didn't know what to do. Reread Sears' 'AP' book, & realized that i need sleep, i was feeling resentful about the lack of it, & I needed to DO something, now.

Well, Sam is a skinny Minnie, & I tested the strength of the cosleeper (which had become a repository for books, dipes, keenex box etc)- it is fine w/ his 25 lb. I told him it was his special little bed of his very own, & now that he is a big boy, he could sleep there, since it wasn't fair to Max to be so far away.

Voila'! He actually slept in it all night, woke MUCH less frequently to nurse, tucks Caillou in next to him & makes him cozy, & is very happy! He reaches out in the night & I'm right there, & because we are not so crammed in the baby can sleep on the other side where sam used to! He actually CHOSE to sleep in it for his nap, & seems to be able to nurse, & THEN go to sleep, instead of having to nurse to sleep! And he doesn't wake up a million times, smelling milk!

I cannot believe this- I was despairing of finding a kind way to do this (and since I am not able to leave them crying- biologically impossible for me w/ or w/out Sears, but thank God he gave us permission all those years ago!) how to people leave sobbing babies soaking in their tears (and vomit sometimes too, apparently), i don't know.

Now when the baby gets over paraflu, I will be able to get a few hours of consecutive sleep!

Walking dead (4 nights w/ even less than usual sleep- whoo)
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[SIZE=3]yippee !!!!
How wonderful that you found something that works for you and the babes !!!! Now go get that well needed sleep!
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sleep is for mamas with well babies (waiting on a callback from the doc- getting pretty worried over here.)
thanks, suse
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