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Energy drinks/snacks for labor?

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I'm going to buy some Emer'gen-C (I had cranberry last time, can anyone suggest a flavor that's less tart?).

Also will buy something like Gatorade (but w/o High fructose corn syrup) and am looking for honey straws.

Any suggestions?
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Recharge is a good alternative to Gatorade. It is fruit juice, not sugar, and I think it tastes way better. I don't really have any snack suggestions. Maybe fruit? I think I read somewhere applesauce is good to have on hand. I've been wondering what snacks to have around myself so I'm curious to see other suggestions.
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I don't have any ideas, but will be watching this thread as well!

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subbing, I need ideas too!

Last time i was totally addicted to frozen white corn kernels and would eat them straight out of the bag. Something about that icey cold, slightly sweet flavor was so good. I am going to make sure to have some of those handy this time, just in case.

Also need snack ideas for DH and my doula. No idea what to get for them except for power bar-types of things and carrots, etc.
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I like raspberry emergen-c. Also, sometimes I mix half cranberry juice/half water with a packet of emergen-c It is pretty darn good that way. Does anyone have suggestions about flavors of Recharge? I want to get some, but have never had it.
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I like the original lemon flavor of emergen-C. Tangerine is also good if I remember correctly, but doesn't mix/dissolve as easily.
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Originally Posted by ~lioneyes~
Does anyone have suggestions about flavors of Recharge?
Personally, I like the orange and grape the best. They taste kind of like popsicles but not nearly as sweet. The lemon tastes like lemonade (a little too much for my stomache).

I was just remembering that when I was in labor with ds I ate a lot of peanuts. Maybe I will try to have some nutty granola on hand.
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I am also curious what ideas other people have. Last time this was so not a thought because I couldn't eat (hospital birth). I am thinking light things will sound good, so probably fruit, and I am planning on having some popsicles. Not sure what else though. I was thinking about making some popsicles out of the Recharge. Really once things got going I was not even really hungry so I am not planning a lot for me. Now for dh, dd, and the mw who knows!

As far as recharge flavors a freind recomended the lemon, and said the orange was ok.
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To take to the birth center, my list so far:
juice boxes
granola bars
RRL tea premade and frozen in water bottles
cheese sticks
canned mandarin oranges

I will have my other 3 kids there too, so we need enough to feed them too if they get hungry at a time my hubby cant take them out to get something.

Last labor before I was in active labor, he took them out to eat for breakfast and lunch, then they snacked then rest of the time.
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I've been stocking up on the cherry pie Larabars. That's what got me through morning sickness too! I think I could live off them alone. I've got bunches of Emrgen-C, I've been taking that everyday anyway. I think I'll also want some dried fruits, they're always good to munch on, and I'm preparing my husband to make me popcorn on the stove throughout. Not great energy food, but I looooove me some freshly popped popcorn!
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