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I need a pep talk

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back from my appt. 37 weeks going by my ovulation date, 36w3d by u/s earlier in the pregnancy. I know 4 days doesnt matter, but right now that 4 days makes it seem so much longer!!

I had the GBS swab done and an u/s to check babys growth due to my high bp. But my bp has been better, so we arent too concerned right now.
The weight estimate is 6 lbs. So everything looks fine.

Now why am I even more depressed than I was yesterday???? I guess yesterday I was thinking anytime now I could have a baby, but now I am more realistic and know I really have 3 more weeks to go. It just seems so far away.

I didnt get checked, I was kinda hoping he would, but its just as well i wasnt as I know it doesnt mean anything and would probably depress me more.

I just need some sense talked into me to make it thru these next 3 weeks. I am just so impatient!
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Hey Angie! I'm glad to hear that you're healthy and that everything is going fine as far as the doctor cares.

My whole pregnancy, I've been trying not to focus too hard on the due date, have been telling everyone I'm due "in the middle of February" because I don't want them all calling me when I hit my due date asking me if I'm still pregnant - all because it was so hard waiting at the end last time around. Guess what? It's not any easier right now even. I'm due two days after you, and I'm wishing I were in labor right now. My 37 week appointment is tomorrow, and I know it's going to be another Hi, howareya, you look great, see you in a week kind of thing. I'm doing my best to remember that I could go as late as February 22. The silver lining for me is that my best friend, who passed away in July, was born on February 20. It would be super-cool to have a little girl on my friend's due date.

We'll get there....eventually.
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Originally Posted by ShellyK
My whole pregnancy, I've been trying not to focus too hard on the due date, have been telling everyone I'm due "in the middle of February" because I don't want them all calling me when I hit my due date asking me if I'm still pregnant
I've done the same thing . I told everyone 2/14 when my actual due date is 2/1. And guess what? My BIL called me this afternoon to find out if I had gone into labor yet !

I too am getting impatient, but I try to find reasons why I don't want to go into labor early: my babyshower is this Saturday and my friend would be crushed if it was cancelled (she's put a lot of work into it), I want an Aquarius (so no baby until 1/21 maybe 1/22 to be safe), my midwife is out of town until 1/24 (I don't want to use back midwife), etc . In reality, I could care less if I did go into labor early and those things didn't work out.

But seriously, I know that when my baby is ready it will come. I would gladly wait another 2 or 3 weeks (as uncomfortable as I am) and have a healthy baby. When I start to get frustrated I tell myself that I need to trust my body and trust my baby and not to hung up on dates and centimeters. I remind myself that I need to allow my body to take the time IT needs to get the job done right and that helps me the most.

I know it's hard but hang in there! You can make it!
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Glad to hear that your BP is better: I know that these last weeks are hard.

I'm on strict bedrest for the duration and I'm only 34w3d. Had an u/s today though, and baby A(girl) is estimated to be 5lbs5oz. Baby B(boy) is estimated to be 6lbs15oz. However the tech said that the boy's head is big and that is probably skewing the measurment- so he is more like 6 1/2 lbs. Regardless, I've got 12lbs of just baby in there. No wonder I'm so uncomfortable.

Hang in there, Boobiemama. It could be worse- you could be carrying double the load. The days will pass slowly, but before you know it you will be nursing your newborn.
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I guess it's different because I don't have kiddos yet, but I'm really trying to enjoy my last weeks. I try to think this is the only time I will ever be pregnant with this little girl, and for me, it's the last time I will ever not be a mom(even though I feel kinda like one already). Even if you have children already, it is a time to enjoy your family as it is now. I know it's hard to wait, but our babies will be in our arms soon enough! Hang in there mama~
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I so totally understand! With my first I didn't feel this way at all, definitely did the bonding with pregnancy till the end thing, but this time I'm already like, "come on already!" and I'm only 38 weeks. I know the baby will come when the time is right and all that, but it doesn't mean I'm not wishing the time were right, right NOW, LOL.

It's hard b/c all emotions are so extreme now, at least for me. When I cut my thumb I went into a huge downer for about 24 hours. Now I'm feeling better but who knows what tomorrow will bring?!

Hang in there...I'll be clinging to my own rope nearby.

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I know how you feel. My last pregnancy I truly enjoyed the last month (well most of it ) I just had this feeling that whenever he was ready to come he would come. I was just kind of in la la land . This time I am to the point of Is she ever leaving? : We are almost there though We just got to hang in there.
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I am getting impatient too...but I do want to have a chubby baby for once, so that's got me willing to wait. It's not fun being head-butted in the bladder, though...
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Okay, I expect some eye-rolling here...but I had my 38 week appointment today - that's right, 38 weeks! Apparently, I had been deluding myself about my due date and it's really 2/3 vs. 2/8. So technically, I guess I could go any time, although in reality it could still take up to another month before this baby comes.

On a weird note, last night I got into bed and was almost asleep when I had this horribly weird sensation that I needed to make a BM immediately. So I dragged myself out of bed, went to the bathroom and sat for a few minutes and realized that it was actually the baby in some position putting pressure on whatever part makes that sensation. This was a first for me, and I was trying not to hope that it was an early labor sign, but of course that thought sprang to mind. No such luck - not yet at least!
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