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Holy Glucose, Batman!

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I took the 1 hr fasting glucose test due to dizzy spells I was getting last week-my # was 187!!!!!!! Normal can be as high as 131, but I'm 187!!!! Now I have to go for the 3 hour test Friday.
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Best of luck ((((HUGS)))))! I failed it when I was pregnant w/my ds and this time around, I originally refused it. But on Monday, they noticed excessive amniotic fluid (could be a sign of GD), so I had to take the test. Awaiting my results still.

Take Care~

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Yeah, I had GD w/ Abe. I was put on the diet @ 24 weeks and only needed insulin for the last 2 weeks. but this time I've been put on the diet at 5 weeks. Well, at least I won't gain too much weight this time. I only gained about 15 lbs w/ Abe and he weighed 8! But now I'm HEAVIER than I was the day I delivered Abe, so minimal weight gain sounds good to me!
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glucose tolerance, feh!

After initially refusing to take the 3 hour test, and retaking the 1 hour, it looks like all my arguing was for naught and I'll have to take the 3 hour anyway. My first 1 hour was 145 and my second one hour was 165 (four weeks between tests).

I'm kind of disappointed with all this testing, but I'll go and get myself (and my baby) starving and nauseated and faint just so I can be through with it.
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Had GD this time too. Able to diet control completely. Didn't get tested until 28 weeks tho so you are having an early start. Maybe it was just a "fluke" have heard lots of people fail 1 hr and pass 3 hour. Good luck and keep us updated !
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Well, I failed . But I failed the 1 hr. last time too and then did further testing and I didn't have GD. Hopefully that will be the case this time. But I am anemic, so taking more iron.


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hi all-
I am also on GD testing merry go round. Just did my 1 hr yesterday & got a 170. There have been some great links posted recently on this, I got alot out of the GD info on www.plus-size-pregnancy.org. We went ahead with the screen bcz I spilled ketones in my urine last mo, which can indicate insulin resistance. We really think I just hadn't eaten enough that day.

Luckily my MW is very wait & see about what these test results mean. We will do the 3 hr test and see. The 170 reading was also from a finger stick, we'll see what the actual blood draw comes back as. There's alot of controversy about the screens & whether the results are correlated to maternal-fetal outcomes, and whether the treatments improve outcomes. Personally I think the need to screen all women is driven by the obstetrical paranoia of large babies.

The good news that is coming out of this for me is that I am even more motivated to keep eating better & better & keep cutting out the sweets ( which I kept saying I was doing, but well, you know...) and also I am going to have to boost my exercise, it helps so much to use up any excess glucose in the blood stream. We are also considering using a glucose monitor @ home. Even though I'm not so gung ho about all the little finger sticks, I think I'd rather monitor myself & have some real info to go by than just let the tests tell us. The tests don't seem to reflect real eating & real life very well to me. I mean I could flunk the test, but eat right & never have an issue. Does anyone have a recommendation for a home testing set up?

Also does anyone have a link to a easy to understand "diabetic food Plan"?

peace, Maria
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hi there- got my real results back from my blood draw ( instead of just the finger stick) and my 1 hr result was only 110- not 170! I had no idea there could be such a difference! So, me & MW are very excited!
(also trying to bump this-seems like there's something wrong with this thread)
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How'd it go?????? I got my results yesterday and I did pass.

Good Luck~

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