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Too much Vit C?

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Is it possible to take too much vit C when Pregnant? I've got a cold and would love to get rid of it before little one arrives
Could I take up to 2000mg in a day?
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I am not sure how much is to much. I do know that my midwife suggested taking up to 5000 mg a day with no more than 1000 an hour. I think that is just because your body can only absorb so much at a time. I also have a cold right now, so I know how much it sucks! I hope you get feeling better soon!
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Crashing your due date club.

Vit C is water soluble - so, as long as you are drinking a lot of water - you will pee out whatever you don't use.

I have heard 4000-5000mg/day whil pregnant is fine. I have been taking about 3000mg/day. Plus Vit c is good for the amniotic sac!!
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I am not from your due date either but you should read some of the work of Dr Klinner.

4-5 grams of C isnt all that much.
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Midwife and herbalist Aviva Romm cautions in The Natural Pregnancy Book (pp. 54-55): "During pregnancy the daily dosage [of vitamin C] should not exceed 2000mg, as it can lead to miscarriage in early pregnancy, and can cause a vitamin C dependency in the baby which can lead to scurvy in the newborn."

In acute situations you can take more for a short time, but for routine consumption I try to stick to 500mg in supplements and at least a couple of vitamin C rich foods per day. When I'm feeling run down I up it to 1000mg in supplements.

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